Chapter 58: When Family is All You Have

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"I've been disappearing an awful lot lately though, haven't I? I would just imagine that the girls are used to me not being around anymore."

"Goddamn it, Haruna!" Mami shouted suddenly, slamming her fist down onto the metal vent the girls sat on. The loud sound rang out into the air but neither girl recoiled from the noise. Haruna sat as stoically as she had been when Mami first saw her – not a change in her expression or her actions.

"What?" Haruna responded. She continued to refuse to look at Mami, her eyes focusing straight ahead and unmoving. Even for Haruna, this behavior was odd and it was beginning to frustrate Mami. She was getting locked out again and she didn't know what to do about it this time. She didn't want Haruna to lock herself up again and keep Mami out.

"What is wrong with you today? You're acting as if you don't care about anything and I know that's not true. You..." Mami's sentence trailed off suddenly when the blonde looked over at Haruna. Her eyes had moved down Haruna's body, noticing the white bandages wrapped tightly around one of Haruna's legs. Against the pale skin and paired with the navy skirt, the bandages were certainly noticeable in Mami's opinion. "What happened to your leg?"

"Does it even matter anymore?" As Haruna spoke, Mami could see the brunette just barely glance over at her through the brown locks of hair that hung in the older girls face. Mami gritted her teeth together, snapping her eyes away from Haruna and away from the obviously wounded leg.

"What have they been doing to you?" Mami didn't know if she had meant to say those words or not. The simple sentence had merely slipped out before Mami could register what she was saying or what she was even asking. She didn't regret her question though. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that the truth would enrage Mami but she wanted to know. She had to hear it from Haruna.

"Are you really asking me that right now?" Haruna asked. She laughed softly after her words, shaking her head slightly. "I don't even know where I would begin with that question, Mami. Why do I even need to answer it? I think you're smart enough to have an inkling as to what they've spent their time doing."

Mami wanted to say something to Haruna but she couldn't find any words to say. The blonde could only clench her hands into fists, her nails digging into her palm. The thoughts that were going through Mami's mind were anything but pleasant and the idea that most of the thoughts were probably true didn't help matters at all.

"It really doesn't matter though, Mami," Haruna continued, "My parents will be back sometime this week... Once they're back, Madoka and Ken'ichi will leave again and things can go back to normal."

"You don't believe that," Mami murmured softly. Hearing Haruna say those words nearly hurt Mami to hear. She knew how desperately Haruna wanted to believe that Madoka was going to simply leave and that would be the end of her torment but Mami didn't believe for a second that Madoka was going to leave so easily... And she knew Haruna didn't either.

"You know me too well sometimes," Haruna said. Her words were followed by a soft and bitter chuckle from the brunette who tilted her head back, looking up at the clear blue sky above the two teenagers. She exhaled softly, wishing that Mami's words could be wrong.

"The way you're acting makes sense now though," Mami commented. Haruna scoffed lightly in response but said nothing verbal to the blonde. Mami drew in a sharp breath, running a hand through her lightly colored locks. What if her worries were right and Madoka didn't leave quietly? Mami could only imagine the hell Madoka could cause for Haruna when her parents came back.

"I wasn't sure anything made sense anymore."

"Haruna... Did the police return to your house?" The question felt random but it was one that Mami needed to know. If the police did come back at any point before Madoka and Ken'ichi left, Mami knew how much trouble it could cause for Haruna with her parents. She didn't even want to think about the reaction her parents could have if the police came back after they returned to town.

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