6 Months Later

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Danyels p.o.v

I still replay that night in my head. Blink with that girl on his arm.

These past 6 months I've given Matgew a chance and he's not as bad as I though. He's sweet and kind. I really like him.

"Miss Anderson Mathews at the door for you." Nacy called through my door.

I smiled and removed my last curler. As I made my way downstairs I fiddled with my locket. I had given the Z to Jack when I saw him in town one day. He told me he'd keep it close to his heart, where he'd always be Zach, but he told me to still call him Jack.

"Beautiful," Mathew said. Breaking my train of thought. I just smiled. "I hope you don't mind for just a casual date today." He continued. I raised my eyebrow where?

"Tibby's" he answered.

Blinks p.o.v

"Blink come on! It's Tibby's!! Yous never miss. Plus Katherine payin'" Jack said. I sighed even after a year Katherine will still buy all us boys lunch as a 'celebration' to remember us taking a stand. I nodded my head.

"Blink I know you's miss her but you's need to start talkin' again." Jack sighed. I stayed silent. "Fine. I ain't gonna win dis anyhow."

I grabbed my shirt and put it on. Let's just get this over with I thought.

Danyel p.o.v

As Mathew and I neared Tibby's I saw the Newsies were inside. I tensed. They all looked like they were having a lot of fun. There were other people inside too so they may not even notice us. I took a deep breath. Here we go.

I was right they didn't seem to notice us even if they did they didn't show they did. As we sat in a booth in the back I scanned the crowd. For Jack. I didn't see him.

"Mr Hancock it is nice to see you again! Shal I get you the usual?" The waiter said.

"Of corse! And another one for my girlfriend here." He said making girlfriend louder than it needed to be. I sighed a little. I looked up and figured out why. Jack and Blink just had walked in the front door. And with just my luck me and Blink made eye contact. I looked away.

After we payed we were walking out of Tibby's when Jack stepped infront of Mathew and stuck out his had.

"Is don't think we's formally met," he said, "Is Jack leada of 'Hattan Newsies and broda of Danyel." Mathew didn't shack his hand and shoved Jack out of the way. "'Ey! That ain't nice," Mush yelled.

"What ya gonna do about it Newsie? You touch me or her your going to jail."  I saw the look in Mathews eyes he was ready to fight. I grabbed his arm time to go. They aren't worth it. He shoved me off of him and my head hit a post. I fell to the ground. Blink came to help me up but Mathew pushed him. "Don't touch her!" He yelled "or I'll call the cops of you!"

Blinks p.o.v

"You's hurt her!" I yelled. I couldn't help it. I had cracked.

"Well at least he's talking" I head Race mumble behind me.

I looked at Mathew then at Danyel. She sook her head.

"Whateva lets go." I said to the boys. "Is can tell when I'm wanted and when Is not." And with that I walked out the door with the others trailing behind me.

Danyel p.o.v

Mathew pulled me up and dragged me outside.

"How dare you Embarrass me like that!" He yelled at me. Then he punched me in the eye. Then shoved me to the ground. He kicked me over and over in the ribs. I couldn't breath. I'm going to die. I though. I managed to get up and started running blindly. I had no idea where I was going until I saw a light on in a lobby of some building. I ran up the stairs and opens the door I took two steps inside and calapsed.

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