Saving his princess

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Natsu POV 10 years later
As I looked out to the night sky , I smelled the sea air .
" flame brain we are almost at our destination , are you ready?" I turned around and saw gray behind me .
" I sure am Popsicle , set the anchor and let's go!"

We were anchored in magnolia , the city where the richest family , the heartfillias . Also the girl I met , that's where she lives .....
I promised Lucy I would save her , and today's the day I go get her .

" land ho!" Erza shouted handing me my sword. After we landed we all put cloaks on to disguise ourselves , then quickly glided our feet around to the heartfilia house .

I quickly opened a window and gave a signal for the rest of the crew to enter after checking for clearance .
Softly walking around the room , I saw it had a high ceiling and a bed with a chest at the end . And in the bed slept the person I was here to take with me .

I quietly touched her hair and brushed her out of her face when all of a sudden she poked a gun at my face. Wow reflex...
" w-who are you ? Why are you in my room?" Lucy opened her eyes , still having the gun at my neck.

Slowly I put my hands in front of me and tried not to scare her ." Please come with me , won't hurt you I promise ." But she still wouldn't put it down . Lucy kept staring at my face and shaking her hands.

" why would I do that ? I don't know you !" She was about to scream for help but I covered her mouth with my hand and knocked her out . I almost forgot that I had my cloak on.

Carrying her bridle style , I jumped out the window and landed on the lower part of the roof. Don't worry Luce I'll take you away , and I'll keep my promise .....
I looked out and saw my crew with some jewels and more valuables .

Erza gave me the signal then boarded the ship . I ran across the roof and slid down to the ground and boarded my ship .
" let's set sail crew! Get the anchor and open the sails !" Shouting orders , I went to my room and set Lucy down on my bed gently . Finally my friend , I can be with you .

I smiled at Lucy as she slept in my bed . She looked so peaceful and happy .
Finally after a while , Lucy stirred and opened her eyes and looked around then finally at me . " hmm?" She sat up and then quickly backed away from me .
" who are you??!!where am I ???!" I smiled but decided to keep my cover on . Patting her head I answered," I am a pirate , and you are on my ship , fairy tail!" I stood up triumphantly . " why did you bring me here ?" She asked still keeping distance .

" you are here because you and me have a promise ." She tilted her head ." Promise ? What promise ?" I smiled and sat next to her and took my cloak off . " are you sure you don't remember ?"

Lucy gasped and sat up ." Natsu......I ......" Lucy teared up and hugged me tightly . " oh natsu......I've been so lonely since you left .... I've missed you .." Lucy cried on my chest and looked up at my face ." So your...a-a pirate ?" She asked smiling .

" yes , and my crew is outside packing something's up .." I cupped her face and gazed into her eyes . " it kinda seems like yesterday we were in your moms garden talking..." I got closer and she blushed nodding . " yeah I thought after a while that you naught e forgotten about me Natsu ....I was so lonely when mother died ......daddy was cruel to me ...." Lucy pulled up her sleeve on her night gown and showed a giant bruise on her arm .

" your father did this to you?" She nodded quietly and looked up . " he did more , and sometimes he would get drunk and hurt me ...." Tears flowed down her face and she rested her head on me .

" don't worry , I'll make sure he won't do that anymore , because your my treasure . " I caressed her cheek and kissed her forehead . " let's just sleep for tonight , I'll get Wendy to heal you in the morning , you can sleep with me for tonight ."
I took my shirt off then laid down next to her and pulled the covers over us .

" good night Luce ....." I kissed her cheek and hugged her close to me as we slept in the warmth of the night.

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