A Reason to Feel Hopeful

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May 18, Tuesday

While Erin was in the shower, she received a text message.

From: PageP

Meeting Sora in front of Ouran, see ya later. :D

Steam rolled off Erin's skin as she steps outside the bathroom and into her warm, toasty room. She tucked the towel around her chest before advancing towards her dresser to look for something to wear. Even though she was supposed to wear a uniform, she didn't feel obligated to wear it today. Erin decided on a white tank top, black skinny jeans, a brown netted scarf and, a pair of Vans instead. Something simple and cute.

After she got fully dressed, Erin checked if anyone had sent her anything.

Two messages showed on the screen; one from Page and one from her mother. She read Page's text and ignored her mothers. She simply rolled her eye's and continued to get ready for school.

Before the class started, Erin met up with Page and Sora in front of Ouran. Erin looked at Sora and smiled at her and barely even weaved at Page. She wasn't necessarily upset with the her, she was just a little annoyed. Erin purely wanted to mess with Page simply out of boredom and annoyance.

As soon as Erin walked in she couldn't help, but attract attention from most of the students in the classroom. Unfortunately, not good attention either. Most of the girls looked at her with hatred while the guys looked at her with lust; only a few people didn't give her the time of day. She preferred them over the envious chicks and horny dicks any day of the week.

Erin ignored the stares from her fellow classmates and sat at her desk, and waited for the class to begin. Page sat two seats down from Erin and kept sneaking glances her way her. She wondered why her friend seemed to be upset with her, she couldn't remember doing anything to her that might have made her this way.

Sora sat on Erin's right and decided to spark up a conversation.

"Hello, Erin. How are you this fine morning?" She greeted with a smile.

Erin slightly turned her head and spoke, her voice flat and tedious. "Hi." Luckily for her, the conversation didn't even have a chance to begin when the teacher walked in and announced that today they were taking a pop quiz. The whole class groaned, except Erin. She kind of expected this quiz, the teacher was hinting at it all of last week.

Erin was the first done and felt confident she passed with flying colors. Sora looked at the questions and didn't know any of the answers; she was screwed. Page was stuck on the third question. She noticed Erin's paper was flipped over, indicating she was done and felt a surge of hope.

Page peered up from her quiz and checked if the teacher was looking her way. Fortunately for her, he was engulfed in a word puzzle. Page looked back and waved her hand at Erin, attempting to get her attention while not gaining the wrong attention; the teachers attention to be exact.

Erin saw Page waving her hand and wondered what she wanted. Once she got her attention, she whispered. "What's the answer for question 3?"

Erin rolled her eyes, but raised her hand and held up two fingers. Page quickly thanked her and continued taking the quiz.

After first period ended, Erin said bye to her friends and she quickly left the classroom. She wasn't really in the mood for small talk and decided not to wait for them today.

Erin had History with Hikaru and she always felt hesitant to go to that class after what happened between them at the Ouran Ball. She was extremely unprepared to face him after that. Even though she wanted to cut that class everyday she knew she needed it and forced herself to go. She just tried her best to ignore him when he does decide to suddenly try to talk to her.

Key word: Tried. Unfortunately for her, most of the time it failed and doesn't work. She always shows a response to him. He gets too annoying not to.

She walked in the class, cringing at the sight of the familiar redhead. Hikaru made eye contact with her and she couldn't make herself break it once it was made. Once it seemed like they were connected somehow. Hikaru noticed it too. He winked at her and grinned.

Erin wasn't able to stop her cheeks from turning a light shade of pink after he did that to her, but she came back to her sense quickly and walked to the opposite side of the class, where she sat; away from him.

Hikaru knew she felt something for him even if she wouldn't admit it to him or herself. That's what really kept him going. Why, him, Hikaru Hitactiin, of all people, continued to chase her. He doesn't want to end up wondering what could of happened if he did something. So he was going to do something.

There's something about her that makes him want to know what she's all about.

He said goodbye to the girl he was flirting with and walked towards where Erin was sitting and, he sat right behind her. Surprisingly, she didn't notice him and continued copying the notes on the board. Hikaru pulled out a notebook from his bag and placed it on his desk to make it seem like he was doing work.

He leaned on top of his desk towards the back of her head and whispered in her ear, "My birthday is coming up, I hope you're getting me something."

Erin's eyes popped open and she immediately bite her lip to stop herself from screaming half to death. She wasn't expecting to feel his breath on her neck. Or anywhere near her.

He found her reaction adorable. He felt like wrapping his arms around her in a long-overdue embrace right then and there. But of course he held himself back because they were in class and the teacher would deem it inappropriate and wrong for this kind of environment for such behavior. Hikaru couldn't help, but think they're just frustrated and horny because they're old and can't get laid. So of course they must take it out on the students.

She felt irritated at him for seating right behind her. Couldn't he tell she wanted nothing to do with him? Couldn't he take a hint?

Erin sighed in the palms of her hands when she realized she wasn't going to do anything. She knew he wasn't going to move to another seat even if she yelled at him. In the end, it will end badly for her if she tried to get him to go somewhere else.

He spoke he in ear again, but more softly and seductively. "I hope you put a lot of thought in it, I'd be sad if you didn't."

Chills ran down her spin when his breath touched the back of her neck. She stiffened and squeezed the pen in her hand tightly. She wanted to yell and scream at him while the other half wanted to grab his face and kiss him. Her confused thoughts translated through her body language by her ignoring him and going back to her notes.

Hikaru felt frustrated, but pushed passed that and spoke again, more sincerely this time. "Can you please give me five minutes to explain myself."

She was surprised at the tone of his voice. He never sounded so vulnerable and insecure until this very moment. Something in her felt the need, but to say yes to him. So she did, "Fine, after class."

Hikaru didn't attempt to hide the smile that broke throughout his face and replied, "Meet me at the club room."


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