He calls you his ex girlfriends name

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He calls you his ex girlfriends name

Harry: You were home cleaning and cooking just waiting for Harry to come home from his four month tour when you hear the door open and you rush into his arms and he spins you around laughing and kissing you. You both eat a good dinner and have a chance to catch up, banter, and just enjoy each others company. After a while he went to go take a shower and you sat on the couch reading your newest book. As he returned you put the book down, but he stayed at the top of the stairs and mumbled "I think I'm heading off to bed....I'm knackered." You nodded before saying "Maybe I'll head up too." You both went up stairs and entered the bedroom and got right into bed and you cuddle into him before he said "God Taylor why are you being so clingy?! I just got back I know, but no need to suffocate me." You quickly bit your lip an slowly removed your arms as he rolled over to face the opposite side and you did the same. Pulling the duvet as close as you could trying to muffle your tears and cries, because damn that hurt. Were you really that clingy? Are you turning into Taylor; a super star no one respects any more? Should you give him more space? These were just some of the thoughts swimming through your head, that night you both stayed like that, facing opposite sides and not touching at all. The next morning, you got up right out of bed, unlike usual were you'd both lie in bed until the other woke up and cuddle and kiss the morning away. Now you got right into the shower, did all your lady business and getting ready, had breakfast, and was out the door before he even woke up. If space was what he wanted, space was what you'd give him. That evening you got home at 9 pm-ish, and was greeted by a very angry looking Harry. "(Y/n) where were you I called and texted you about a million times." You shrugged off your coat and slipped off your shoes, before replying "I was out, visited some friends, went for a walk, and got some work done." You said a you got the items ready to make dinner. "Why didn't you answer your phone? Or leave me a message to tell me that?" He questioned "It was off and you said you wanted space." You answered back your heart dropping and eyes starting to burn, last nights words still fresh in your mind. "Oh kitten, I didn't mean it like that, why are you crying?" He questioned trying to come to wipe the tears away, but you moved back and watched the hurt expression unfold on his face. "Y-you called me Taylor..... I know it's stupid to be crying over and I'm sorry." You mumbled out, but he just pulled you in for a hug, before saying "Kitten no I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking and was just over tired and your nothing like Taylor. Your better. And your not clingy at all and you don't now how much I missed you today." "I missed you too Harry." "Well then why don't we skip dinner and go right to desert?" Before you could even object, he had you over his shoulder and up the stairs towards the bedroom.

Liam: "Look Danielle I don't get why your so worried about your weight, I've told you a million times your body's perfect." You stared at him shocked for a number of reason; the biggest one being that, you weren't Danielle. You had been sitting on the couch watching the tele with him, when you brought up for the first time since you two started dating about maybe starting to go to the gym. You never had an issue with your body, so Liam didn't really need to complement it, but lately you felt so unhealthy that you'd ask for Liam's opinion. You just sat there, your eyes wide and starting to burn from the on coming tears, mouth open trying to think of anything to say, and shaky hands that tried to rub away tears before they fell. After you didn't reply he turns to you and sees your state. "Sweetheart, is something wrong." He asked quietly cocking an eyebrow at you. "Li-Liam I'm-I'm not Danielle." You trailed off looking in his eyes, tears now freely falling. His eyes went wide and you could see him trying to process what he just told you, when it clicked he has a mortified expression on his face and quickly grabs you into a hug. "I'm so sorry (y/n), I'm so sorry, I guess I was used to saying it so many times with her that....ugh I don't know, I'm so sorry and no your so perfect, stunning, and beautiful and a hell of a lot better than Danielle. God I'm so sorry." He mumbled and again and again into your ear while wiping away tears. "Liam?" "Yes sweetheart?" "That's probably the worst run on sentence I have ever heard." You answered before letting out a few giggles, he just rolled his eyes and kissed all over your face before his lips landed on yours.

Zayn: You had just gotten home from the hairdressers and were quite excited to show Zayn how you went lighter and cut a lot of your hair off. You stepped in the house slipping off your shoes and hanging up your keys. "Zayn?!" You called. "In the kitchen!" He yelled back you quickly walked into the kitchen and smiled at Zayn. He looked up from what he was making and gave you small tight smile before quickly looking back down. "Something wrong Zayn?" You questioned your heart sinking. "No it's just Pierre, I don't get why you change your hair so much....I liked it before and now, but it can get a little annoying sometimes." He finally got out, still not looking at you. You just walked right out of the kitchen and towards the balcony slamming the door shut behind you. He just called me Pierre, his ex's name. you thought as tears streamed down your face You yelled and leaned your heads on the cool metal barrier. You still hadn't moved, your thoughts keeping you frozen outside, and all you could do was cry. Finally the door open and Zayn rushed out to you before tugging on your hand to pull you inside. "No Zayn." You said pulling your hand away, he just grabbed it again. "(Y/n) come on, your freezing and I don't want you to get sick." He replied. "I'm surprised you know who I am now." You spat out angrily. "What are you talking about (y/n)?" He questioned "I don't know Zayn according to you I'm Pierre." You said quietly, your anger leaving you and being replaced by sadness. You saw him open his mouth, but nothing came out. Then you were smashed into a hard chest and arms wrapped around your waist holding you in. "Zayn?" You questioned "I'm so sorry boo, we had to see them today and I just didn't want to even look at her. God I'm such an idiot love. Sorry, so sorry boo." He mumbled into your hair. All you did was wrap your arms around his neck and said "I forgive you."

Niall: You stumbled into yours and Niall's shared flat, giggling at nothing, too drunk to care. Niall came running around the corner when he heard the crash, because you knocked into a glass vase thus causing it to shatter into a million pieces. "Oopies." You giggled looking at it as Niall lifted around it. "I'll pay for that." You slurred giggling at the end. "Goodness Princess, we will talk about this in the morning." He said sternly. "Am I in trouble?" You asked giving him a pouty face. "No your not Amy! God I wished you just wouldn't go get hammered every night alright." He said yelling at you. Your eyes filled with tears understanding what he said perfectly. You quickly pushed him away and stumbled back in the process. All these thoughts swam around your head, causing you to become dizzy an tears to fall. Did he just call you Amy? His ex? "(Y/n)....I didn't mean it, I'm so sorry please just don't even listen to me. God I'm such an idiot. I drink more than you. I can't believe I said that fuck! I'm so sorry princess, but your nothing like her, your so much better." He said starting to move closer, you just took a step back, but started to fall due to your lack of balance. Niall quickly caught and steadied you. "Are you okay? Your not hurt right?" He asked panicked, you just shook your head no. "Look princess please I'm so sorry....I wasn't thinking....I'm stupid an I feel so bad- " he started, but you cut him off by smashing your lips together. "It's alright Niall, it's okay." You finally said.

Louis: You just stared at the message, shocked, hurt, and angry.

From Lou boo

Hey El I won't be home till late....don't wait up. Love you xx

You hadn't replied, you couldn't bring yourself to, maybe it was, because he called you his ex's name and then said love. Maybe it was, because you were frustrated with him. It maybe it was, because you understood and that sucked the worst. El and Louis had been together for 2 years, you and him were celebrating your 6 month at the end of the week. So maybe he was still used to her, and the more you thought about it the more it hurt. Dammit. Dammit all. Damn me. Damn him. Damn El. Dammit. Dammit. You sat there and finally just threw your phone at the wall and headed off to bed. You didn't fall asleep at all, but when Louis came stumbling into the dark room, you just sat up. "Shit!" He yelled grabbing his chest, you just glared at him. "Did I wake you love?" He questioned. You laid back down and faces away from him. He quickly spooned you, but you yanked his hands off you. "Don't." You hissed "(y/n) what's wrong?" He asked hurt lace into his voice. "Oh nothing Louis I'm just surprised you didn't go home to El." You spat out angrily. "What are you talking about?!" He half yelled still confused. "Lou, look at the last message you sent me." You said quietly, you felt the bed rise and Louis move around the room finding his phone. Suddenly there was a body of top if you, kissing all over your face. "(Y/n) I'm so sorry, I'm such an idiot. How could I get you two confused. El's El, but your you and your amazing, beautiful, stunning girl, who can't keep her alcohol down, and can make me laugh any day or mood. God I love you so much." He said looking into your eye the whole time. "You might be an idiot, but your my idiot. I love you too." You replied kissing him.

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