New Town, New House, New School, New Life

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A/N: I don't own these characters! Except for some of them. If this story sucks, please tell me and I'll try to make it better. Oh, the point of views will alternate, in a nonspecific order, with every chapter.


"Ah, cheer up, Kid." My father pats me on the knee with one hand. "You'll be fine." He says.

I roll my eyes, not looking up from my book. "Yeah? How can you be so sure?" I ask the bald man in the driver's seat, eyes glued to the book in my hands.

He chuckles, "Because, you're a Hadley, and Hadleys always find a way." This makes me look up from my book and over at my father in a questioning sort of way. He looks at me. "What?" he asks. "Don't give me that look," he scolds me, which is why I ignore his demand and continue to stare. "Go back to your book." Dad says, eyes staring sharply out the windshield and into the black pavement of the road.

My eyes stray back to my book of Four. "Dad," I start. "What if District High sucks ass like I think it will?" I ask my father, placing a bookmark in the page of my book. My father gasps, shocked at the profanity that just came from my mouth -I suppose.

He glares at me, his lips pressed into a hard line. "Cato Hadley! Never use that language again!" He scolds me.

"Sorry, Brutus." I mutter but I guess he hears me, because he keeps me in a hard stare.

"Hey," he says with a frown. "What's with the attitude?"

"I'm not giving you attitude!" I shout, making my father gasp -judging that I've never shouted at him before. He shifts uncomfortably in the driver's seat and grips the steering wheel until his knuckles are white.

He sighs, "Clear your rotten attitude up before we meet your mother and brother at the new house." His words make a frown creep onto my face.

"Half-brother," I say.

Marvel is my half-brother. Same mom, different dad. Mom got pregnant with him in high school. When she found out that the guy was a cheating douche, she left him and went to Brutus Hadley, my father.

My parents met in a restaurant when he spilt sweet tea on her and they ate lunch together, after he apologized. They started dating. A few months after their fifth date, I was born; I'm two years, three months, nine days, and forty-five seconds younger then Marvel. When I was five, my parents finally decided to get married.

He sighs.

"Cato, it's okay. We're just moving, nothing we haven't done a hundred times before." He says with a grin. "This time, I'm sure we're staying." I frown a little more.

To tell you a little about myself: My name is Cato Hadley, just incase you haven't gotten that down yet. I'm sixteen. I have blue eyes brought out by blond hair -or so Mom says.

"You seem very sure." I say, flicking my eyebrows up.

"Oh," Dad says. "I am." He says with a small smile.

I cock an eyebrow. "Do you think people will like me?" I switch subjects. "I mean, like the way I am?" I ask him.

"Son," he says. "I think people will love you just the way you are."

"A geek," I mutter under my breath as I roll my eyes.

"So?" He replies. "It doesn't matter. Every school has a geek."

"Yep," I mutter. "I just so happen to be just that. I'm the type of person whom everyone avoids."

"Just give the kids at this school a chance," he slaps me on the knee. "You do tend to block people out of your life."

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