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Pen Your Pride

And I thought I hated gym before.

At least it was always warm in California. Now it was freezing.

It was way too cold for an April day.

And I really hated the cold weather.

It was such a pretty day, and you would think that it would be warm outside, but it wasn't. It looked like it would be warm, but it was freezing. The sun was out, which didn't make any sense, but the wind made it completely unbearable. I really wished that we were having gym inside, but of course we weren't.

And I decided to wear short shorts today instead of sweats.

I'm sure going to have a fun time running.

The t-shirt that we were required to wear for gym was not helping me with the cold at all. We were allowed to wear whatever bottoms we wanted, as long as we could run in them, but of course today was the day I chose to wear short shorts.

Mother Nature hated me.

All the girls in my cabin had the same gym period, but only AJ, Lexi, and Yolanda were in my actual class. Of course Jesse and Aimee were, too, and Aimee wouldn't leave his side for one second.

I was so glad that today was the last day before break. I'd be able to go back home for a little while, and that's all I really needed. All of my friends, except for AJ, were going to be staying at the camp for break to save money. But I really wanted to see my grandma, and AJ really wanted to see Scott.

I really needed to be away from Jesse for a while. After what had happened the week before with Hunter, I just couldn't be around him. I was scared, to tell you the truth, and I didn't want Jesse to know. And it was so strange, thinking that Jesse had been a part of a gang... Every time I was around him now, I got such a weird feeling in my stomach that I just wanted to go away. It had to be because of how scared I was of Hunter and the whole gang situation. I just needed to stay away from him.

I've always hated gym. Ever since elementary school, I've just never been able to stand it.

Once when Mrs. Ellis told us to pick partners for practicing throwing a football, Aimee almost pounced on Jesse. I hated seeing the hurt look on AJ's face as she partnered up with Lexi while I partnered up with Yolanda. Jesse wasn't on the team or anything, but his friends would sometimes play football, so I sure hoped that he threw it hard enough to knock her brain out.

I could hope, couldn't I?

But I was the one that had ended up getting my head hit. You would never think that Yolanda had such a strong arm, but believe me, she did. Let's just say that Mrs. Ellis said that Yolanda couldn't practice throwing a football with a girl ever again... And that probably terrified the boys more than it terrified her.

But now we were running relays around the track, and we couldn't pick who we were running again. I was freezing my butt off as I rubbed my hands up and down my arms, just trying to keep warm. There was no use trying to warm up my legs, because it already felt like I was going to have to cut them off.

"Go, AJ!" Lexi shouted as AJ ran around the track, racing some girl with blonde hair. "Come on, AJ, show that dumb blonde who's boss!"

When Lexi noticed my flat look that was aimed at her, she dropped her arms and stopped cheering. "What?"

"You do realize that you're blonde, right?"

Lexi blinked, and she seemed to think for a split second. "Oh, yeah..."

And that's why I love my best friend.

"Emery, you're next!" Mrs. Ellis cried after AJ had crushed the blonde girl. "You'll be racing Dennett!"

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