Chapter 9

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Dani had never seen so many pregnant women in one room in all her life. True, three was the most she had ever seen together but still...she counted at least seven pregnant ladies since entering Majestic Waters. She looked over at Jax who was filling out the paperwork for them to stay in one of Majestic Waters' cabins for the next week. Oliver had been more than happy to give Dani the time off and Jax said he was taking leave. Even the receptionist that was checking them in was pregnant. Dani read her name tag.


"Our friends Ryan and Callie Sommerby recommended this place to us. They knew we've been trying to get pregnant and it worked for them so why not us, right?" Jax said.

"Sommerby? Callie Sommbery?" Genevive scoffed, "I find that hard to believe."

"Why is that?" Jax asked nonchalantly.

Genevive looked around before whispering, "Well you didn't hear this from me, but she came in about two weeks ago really upset. She was yelling at Dr. Silverman. He had security drag her away. No one knew what she was upset about but Dr. Silverman later explained that she was trying to get a refund after she had become pregnant."

"Really? Callie never seemed like the type to cause a scene," Jax mumbled, remembering her husband describe her as a calm person before she became pregnant.

"Pregnancy does that to some people. Causes them to get all hormonal and crazy," Genevive muttered.

"Did you also use Majestic Waters' services to get pregnant?" Dani asked.

Genevive hiked up her purple glasses and pushed back her honey-colored hair, "No. I'm not married."

"Neither am I," Dani shared.

"Not yet," Jax corrected her. "We will be soon though, Dani."

Genevive frowned, "Well, I don't have a groom-to-be either. It's just me and the baby."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" Dani was at a loss for what to say. Genevive didn't sound happy about being a single mother so her instincts told her to sympathize with the angry receptionist.

"Don't worry about it. I'm fine," Genevive took the clipboard of paperwork from Jax and handed them the key to their cabin. "You two will be in cabin thirteen."

"Lucky thirteen," Dani said jokingly.

Genevive didn't smile. She passed them some more paperwork, "Here are some maps of the grounds and your itinerary. Make sure not to get lost. Orientations for the men and women are held in different lodges. Both start at nine. Don't be late."

"Got it. Thank you Genevive," Jax wrapped an arm around Dani and led her away from the receptionist.

"She was friendly," Dani said sarcastically.

"Right. As friendly as a rattlesnake. Listen, orientation starts in an hour. Let's put our bags down and then we'll explore. Is that okay?"

Dani followed Jax into their cabin and gaped at the lush interior, " much did you pay for this cabin? A kidney?"

"Not quite that much," Jax laughed.

Dani couldn't help but run into the bedroom and plop herself onto the soft mattress, "Is this Heaven? I knew I was always a good girl for a reason."

"Dani," Jax rolled their luggage into the main bedroom. "I hope you realize that after we leave this cabin we're going to be a couple. At least...people are going to see us as a couple."

"I know," Dani said, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the bed.

"Well I just want you to be know. Just in case," Jax was being evasive and Dani opened one of her eyes.

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