Thor and Raven (Soccer)

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Thor met up with Raven by the baseball field.
"Your trying out for soccer? I didn't know you played." He asked, sounding slightly surprised.
"I've been playing forever. My dad used to coach and my team won the championship last year." Raven said. Thor nodded in awe. Their coach stopped in front of them.
"Hi and welcome to soccer tryouts. I'm Coach Cameron Ryan, Makayla Ryan's dad. I've coached this team for what's going to be my fifth year. Since there isn't a lot of you, I'm doubting that anyone if going to be cut from the team. With that said, I'm going to have you guys warm up." Thor began to stretch out with Raven, them smiling and talking.
"Let's do some drills!" Coach Ryan announced. "We're going to do a three on two drill with a three man weave. Thor, Raven, you two are our defense. You three," he said, naming off some other kids. "Are out offense. Your going to weave until you get halfway across, then your going to work together until you make a goal." He blew his whistle and Thor and Raven ran to the other end of the field.
"I'll take left, you take right," Raven said, running to the left. The three teens ran at them, dribbling the ball between them. Thor blocked a shot at the goal. Raven came up behind him and kicked the ball across half field.
"You two can get in line for offense," Coach Ryan said. He pointed at a line where the rest of the kids were.
"Two of you can stay right there and the other can run back." The kids talked amongst themselves and a boy with black hair ran back alongside Raven and Thor.
"Gavin," he said, holding out a hand to Raven and a hand to Thor. "Nice to meet you. You two kicked some butt back there. You're guaranteed a spot on the team, both of you."
"Hi," Thor said. "I'm Thor and this is Raven. It's nice to meet you."
After everyone else finished, they took a water break. Practice went on, doing drills and at the end, they scrimmaged. Thor kicked the winning goal for his team.
Thor was with Raven and Gavin when he saw Maria getting out of the car to pick him up. She walked over to Coach Ryan and shook his hand.
"Hi, I'm Maria Hill," she said. Coach Ryan smiled warmly at her.
"Maria, it's so nice to see you. We haven't talked in forever. How have you been?"
"Oh, Cameron, I've been fine. I didn't know you coached soccer."
"Yeah, about five years now." Thor waited patiently for Maria to finish talking and waved goodbye to his friends as he got in the car.
"I didn't know that you knew Coach Ryan," Thor said as he adjusted the radio station.
"We were old friends in school," Maria said.
"Seems like you two were more than friends. I saw your eyes flash Lady Maria." Maria turned to him, glaring daggers but he waved her off.
"It's fine. It's fine. I won't mention it to anyone you should come and watch my practices though. Raven, Gavin, and I have a shot at making the team." Maria nodded, her face slightly pink. Thor sat back, smiling and listening to Post To Be by Omarion.

Hi everyone! So, this is my first of the return of the Game Time challenge. I'm going to slowly work my way through some old relationships and some new ones. I've got all of the friends and the sport they're either going to play together or meet at. It's posted at the bottom. If the name is spelled wrong or something needs to be changed, let me know and I'll adjust it. This is also the order it's in.

Thor to raven (soccer)
Loki to Grace (tennis)
Steve to makayla (football)
Tony to Órnaith (basketball)
Bruce to Sasha (baseball)
Natasha to carter Reynolds (football)
Clint to Alessia (archery)
Storm to Austin (hockey)
Peter to Emma (lacrosse)
Quicksilver to Mesa (track)
Wanda to Jake (field hockey)

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