picture of Chace Crawford - Brett Damean, on the right.

I'm not sure of my cast yet can will probably keep changing it because I keep changing my mind. If anyone has someone in mind that will suit my charachters please let me know.



"Sorry about that" he said in an attractive deep voice, "My name is Brett"


"Uh..hi..." I said as I tried to get off the floor. "My name is..." a pain shooted through my leg again and I hissed out.

"Here let me help you up." he said as he reached out to help me get up. Ugggghhhh!! why am I always so clumsy? Especially since today is my 'new girl' day. Nice way to make an impression Giezel!!

As soon as his hand touched my arm to lift me up I felt like I was standing in Antarctica unclothed. I felt like my worst possible fears had come true which had to be creepy because my worst fear was the dreams I had many times and then as soon as it had come it disappeared, and in its place warmth flooded through me.

Not much for me to say but, STRANGE!!!!     

 An image appeared before my eyes. I could see another Brett right in front of my eyes, but this one was a different one. This one looked sad, lonely and hurt. He was sitting on a tree? Or that’s what it looked like from here, many  trees, maybe a forest? You could also see a waterfall a little far away. The sun was up high but you couldn't really feel it because of the density of the trees.

I thought I went to the school?!?!?!!? Then what’s up with the whole warm in the forest thing then?  

It felt like I was sitting in a slide show after that, image after image just kept popping up. All of the same kind. Brett sitting alone, Brett with a sad and lonely face, Brett with a clueless and absent minded behaviour, Brett punching a hole through the wall, him shouting at some lady and what looked like her husband, him trying to burn something. Etc.

The images looked so emotional, and so out of character for him...

What is happening to me? Why am I seeing all these images of him?

The next minute it all stopped and I was back into the place that looked more like what I was aiming for the place that I was meant to call the school.

 The guy that I had recognised as Brett was right there and was bending quickly to pick up all the stuff on the ground. I bent down quickly and started gathering all the things I could manage. Suddenly a hand popped out of nowhere in front of my face, and touched my hand which was supporting all the things I had gathered. Surprised by the hand I let out a little squeak and dropped all the things I had gathered up. Blushing, I looked up to see him snorting at me, whilst gathering all the stuff I had dropped. I just knelt there lamely, because I’d probably drop everything again.

Once all the stuff was packed in my bag and handed to me, he helped me stand up quickly and effortlessly like I weighed nothing.

“You should really be careful as to where you’re heading,” he said nodding at my bruised foot, “I don’t usually help people who are blind.”

 “Uh …yeah… thanks. And sorry about that… I try my best to not spend as much time with the ground.” I mumbled, ducking my head so that the blush spread on my face wouldn’t be so obvious.

 “Maybe you should try better next time.” He snorted and said in a bored tone.

I looked up at him surprised. He just looked back wearing a knowing face, and turned to leave. I mumbled an apology even though I wasn’t sure he heard it, and looked at his walking form.

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