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translator's note: as stated in the summary, this fic was written by bgdelavietqt. It was originally in French, and she gave me permission to translate it to English. If the wording is a little awkward, I apologise! Enjoy x

"No, Dad, why are we leaving?! I never asked for all this!"

A young 19 year old Calum was yelling at the top of his lungs in his apartment, filled with boxes. His father didn't listen to him, and instead, went to bed rolling his eyes.

As for Calum, he punched the wall before going to bed. Tommorow, they were going to move to a completely new house, with people he had basically never met before. He didn't want to change his whole life just for his father.

But at that time, he had no idea that this move would change his life completely.

"Mum, you're pissing me off, dammit! I don't want a new dad, do you get that?! It doesn't seem like you get it!"

"Lucas Robert Hemmings, don't talk to me with that tone of voice! And I never asked you to think of him as a replacement of your father, just accept him!"

"Just die!" and with that, 18 year old Lucas left to go back to his own bedroom.

He wasn't ready to accept a new dad, not this soon. He would make an effort to, of course, because he loved his mother more than anything, but he really didn't want to. He really didn't want a step-brother. He already had two brothers, for god's sake!

Finally, he fell asleep peacefully, thinking about nothing other than what his step-brother could possibly look like.

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