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Preston, Sabrina, and Regan have been best friends since before anyone can remember. But when Regan returns home from her senior year service project and discovers that her two best friends are dating, things get awkward. To Regan, it feels like The Three Musketeers have been disband, especially now that she's the constant third wheel.

After Reese witnesses just how awkward her sister's friendship has gotten, she invites her out in hopes of cheering her up... leaving Regan speechless. Despite being sisters, the Archer girls have never gotten along. A rough past has torn the two apart, and skeptical of her sister's intentions, Regan's not sure what to think. Then she meets Reese's friend Lincoln.

Lincoln's different that most guys. He's extremely gorgeous and the thrill of dating an older guy has Regan interested. But when Regan has to decide between her newfound friendship with her sister and the guy she's falling for, things get messy.


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