Crossover- Rise of the Guardians Chapter 6

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Percy's P.O.V

"Hey Heimdall." I said casually as the light started to fade and the area was here.

"Percy, welcome back. I'm sure prince Loki would be joyed you have visited." Heimdall said with a hint of amusement

"I'm sure he would, "I said with a smile then it dropped, "but I didn't come for a social hang out, we need Alfathers help."

"He had forgiven of what happened on your first visit, do not worry if anything he was impressed." Heimdall said smiling at what happened last time I was here.

"What would he have forgiven you for?" Kangaroo asked

I shifted uncomfortably, "First time I was here..I might've yelled at the king and queen...Yeah I was angry at them." I said shifting more as I saw wide eyes of Jack

"You're the reason everyone was like that. I give you props on it. Standing up to the Alfather. Brilliant." Jack said with a smile

"Yes the people were shocked and a bit outraged but the king and queen set them straight by saying that what Percy said was true. Now, off you go." Heimdall said

"I'm confused at what happened." Tooth said as we started walking, some cases flying, over to the throne room.

I smiled at the people and they smiled back as the children ran around and were playing games. Some came over, "Percy! Percy! Look what I made!" A young Asgardian girl said who couldn't be older than 100 years old but was about the size of a 5 year old girl on Earth.

"Very awesome Amora (Pronounced amore). I love it, now go play." I said

"You know children here?" North asked

"Believe it or not I do come here more often than I would've thought. Thor always drags me when he cans, sometimes Loki does too."

"You're friends with Loki?" Jack asked

"Yeah?" I asked suspiciously, some of the people here still didn't like Loki and criticized him.

"I'm also his friend relax." Jack said

"Cool." I said in response.

Sandy made some symbols above his head, "Yes, we're heading the right way." I said

"What'd he ask?" Tooth asked nicely

"If we were heading the right way to the throne room." I said and Tooth nodded in understanding.

We were walking for a bit and came to the doors of the throne room, the guards looked at us but went back to standing perfectly still.

"Come on." I said and the guards opened the doors for us.

"What now?" Odin asked immediately as he saw the doors being opened but then sat up straighter when he realized it was us.

"Percy what brings you here?" he asked

I let the guardians take over and in their conversation about the Greek God and such I sneaked out of the room and went down the hallways to find Loki.

I went to Loki's room and knocked, "Go away, I don't need anything." Loki's voice said from behind the door.

"You won't open even for me? Such rudeness." I commented and Loki opened the door, "Percy? What are you doing here. I know you didn't come up with Thor."

"The Guardians of children, learned that along the way, came here to ask Alfather questions regarding a matter on earth. So, until they're down with the grown-up talk I'm hanging here." I said walking into his room and flopping onto his bed.

"Goody." Loki said without emotions.

"Oh come on, you know you love me." I said with a smirk then a omph as Loki pushed me off his bed.

"Sit and stay quiet." Loki commanded

"Sir yes sir." I said standing up straight and saluting. Loki rolled his eyes and I sat down in a chair, my ADHD already getting the best of me, "Loki I'm bored." I complained in a whiny voice.

"What part of being quiet did you not understand?" Loki asked with a sigh

"The part that means quiet." I replied standing up and looking around the room.

"What about the sit part?"

"The ADHD part." I replied

"Go bother Thor." Loki said

"Why. Do you not want to hang with little me?" I asked putting a hand over my heart in foreign hurt, "Anyway why do you want me out so bad?"

So I read this one fanfiction where there was a character named Lady Sigyn and in some comics she was Loki's wife and in others she was trying to court Loki when he didn't feel her feelings and so one so forth. In this one Loki doesn't have any feelings for Sigyn and that she was trying to court him. PS I never read the comics...

Loki sighed, "Lady Sigyn is coming over today and like other times try to court me." Loki wrinkled his nose, "You don't like her?" I asked

"She is...needy. And I don't like someone needy and depends on me."

"You like warriors?" I asked

"I do not know why I am telling a child this." Loki said

"Oh come on, we could always pull one over on her." I said


"I've been told we look similar in hair color and eyes. Could act like your son if you want." I said calmly, "Sigyn probably wouldn't like me, you would tell her that you wouldn't abandon me for her, blah, blah, blah, she gets mad and goes away and tries to court some other guy." I said

"May work." Loki muttered thinking, "You wouldn't mind?"

"You'd be surprised at how many newcomers mistake me for being your son, honestly it gets annoying at times." I said

"Very well, if you are up for it." Loki said

"Bored anyway, let's go!" I said excited

Some people want me to put a Jack and Percy scene, don't worry I will but I'm going to have some fun while Percy is on Asgard and show a (brotherly) Percy/Loki bond.

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