*Time:2:15 am*

*Day:Friday Morning*


Well right now I'm waiting in the car with all of our packed bags. Chris is in the house grabbing some last minute stuff. I still can't believe that are basically "running away". I never thought that I would ever have to do this but I think this is the best solution. I wonder what my fans are going to think about me and Chris having a baby. They don't even know that we're even together. I watched as Chris got in and started the car. As he pulled off, reality started to sink in that we were actually moving away. He never told me where we were supposed to be going now that I think about it

Me:Where are we gonna go

Chris:Don't worry about that. I got somewhere we can go

Me:Chris? What if this doesn't work out?

Chris:Don't stress out over that ok? It's not healthy for the baby *smiles*

Me:You're excited aren't you?

Chris:Yeah. I'm happy to finally be able to have a child with someone I love


Chris:We gone make a beautiful baby boy 

Me:Oh, you think we having a boy?

Chris:No I know we having a boy

Me:But how are we gonna support a child and we don't have a place to stay? Plus my career! I'm gonna start getting all fat and then you're gonna be disgusted with me-

Chris:Chill. I told you I don't want you stressing out. Just let me handle it *grabs hand and kisses it* For now I want you to go sleep and relax



I woke up to see that the sun was just starting to rise. The car was still moving so I guess we hadn't made it to wherever Chris was going. I looked over to see Chris focused on the road. I yawned and stretched. I felt my stomach churn and I knew what was coming next.

Me:Chris, baby pull the car over


Me:Chris I'm gonna be sick

Chris quickly pulled over to the side of the road and I got out the car and I instantly started throwing up. When I was sure I was finished, I got back in the car and laid back in the chair. Chris handed me some water and I gargled it around in my mouth and spit it out the window. I took some gum and popped it in my mouth to take the taste out.

Chris:You good?

Me:Yeah I think so. It's the morning sickness

He then carefully pulled back onto the highway and kept driving

Me:How much longer until we get there? My booty hurts

Chris: *laughs* We got about another 30 minutes

Me:Thank god!


Me:Where are we?

Chris:We gone be staying at my boy Wiz house. Come on

I got out the car and followed him into the house. Walking in I saw none other than Wiz Khalifa and his girl Amber. Chris walked over and did his handshake with Wiz then hugged Amber.

Chris:Come here

I walked over to where they were and Chris wrapped his hands around my waist and put his head on top of mine.

Chris:Guys this is Jazzmine 

Wiz:Oh so this is Miss Jazzmine. Well it's nice to meet you. This n-gga is constantly talking about you. And I can see why

Amber:Calm yourself Wiz. Hi I'm Amber, Wiz's fiancé. 

Me:It's nice to meet you guys

Amber:Well we heard what happened with you and your parents and I'm sorry. Just know that you guys can stay here as long as you need to 

Wiz:Yeah. And congrats on the baby


Wiz:Well breezy you guys can stay up in the guest room. Me and Amber gotta go handle some business. 

Chris:Aight man. I appreciate it

Wiz and Amber walked out the house which left just me and Chris. He went and took our stuff to the guest room while I just walked around taking in my new surroundings. I guess I'm gonna have to start getting used to this...



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