Chris:What the hell was that?

Me:I don't know


Chris struggled to get the sheets off of his body as he fell out of the bed. Both of us quickly got dressed and got our stuff together. 

Me:How in the hell are we gonna get out of here?

Chris:The window!

Me:Nigga I'm not jumping out no window.

Chris:We're only on the first floor so come on!

I followed him as he helped me out the window. As soon as I made it out, the hotel door burst open showing the woman from the pool earlier. Me and Chris took off running to the car. We got in and Chris sped away as she ran to her car trying to follow us.

Chris:I think we lost her?

Me:Yeah......Oh my gosh that was close!

[*3 weeks later*]


*Time:4 pm*



_Right now I'm in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Cuz right now I'm starving! Since me and Chris came back from Great Wolf Lodge we have been inseparable. Somethings are a little different now. Like our parents are at home more often and I've been getting these weird threats. But the big news is since the day me and Chris got back home I have been feeling a little sick. I went to the doctor last week and found out I'm 3 weeks pregnant! I haven't told Chris yet because I want to wait for the right time. But it's been hard trying to be loving towards Chris when our parents are here all the time now. I don't know how I'm gonna hide being pregnant from them. I pulled out some ice cream, sweet pickles, and some donuts. I put on the counter and started eating everything I had._

? that hungry?

_I looked up to see Chris standing there looking at me_

Me:Yeah. You got a problem with it?

Chris:Nope.... *looking at what she's eating* not at all. Is that pickles?

Me: *smiling* Yup

Chris:If I wasn't mistaken I would think that you pregnant *laughs*

_He was laughing but I just kept a straight face and kept eating. He stopped laughing and looked at me with a serious face._

Chris:Jazz? Baby are you pregnant?


?:Good morning y'all!

_I looked up to see my mama and Will coming towards us. I mouthed to Chris "We'll talk later" and kept eating_

Will:Jazz what is that you eating?

Me:Ice cream and donuts with sweet pickles on the side *smiles*

Will:That's just nasty girl

Mama:She always be eating like that. I keep telling her them hips gone be spreading if she don't calm down with all that junk food. Girl slow down. The food ain't going no where

Me:I know mama dang

Mama:Well kids we're off. Stay out of trouble

_I watched as the grabbed their things and left out the door. As soon as the door shut Chris came and started smothering me with questions_

Chris:Baby don't play with me. Are you pregnant? How far are you? Dang my dad gone kill me-

Me:Chris! Calm down

Chris:Okay....okay I'm good

Me:Good. And yes I'm pregnant. 3 weeks to be exact

Chris:Wow. I can't believe it. We're gonna have a baby

Me:I know

_Chris put his hands on my stomach and rubbed it gently as he leaned down and kissed me. I set the pickle I had back in my bowl and put my arms around his neck as he picked me up an set me on the counter. We were getting into the moment until we heard someone clear their throat. We pulled away from each other and saw none other than our parents standing there looking pissed._

Mama:You guys wanna tell me what's up?


Will:No I wanna know why the hell were y'all kissing?

Mama:And you pregnant? It bet not be by him

Me:And what if I am?

Mama:Girl don't you test me right now! Are you pregnant?!

Me:You know what YES! YES I'm pregnant by Chris. That's right. We've been going out since me and Daniel broke up

Mama:So Daniel breaks up with you and you go hoeing around?

Me:Hoe? No get this straight, that little Daniel boy that love so much cheated on me with me best friend! You're never home to actually know WHAT'S GOING ON! 

Mama:You and Chris need to stay the hell away from each other! Y'all already done did enough! Now get yo ass upstairs!!

Me:....You know what? No. I'm so tired of this shit. I'm done. *walks upstairs*

Chris: *follows her*

Will:Woah woah woah. Where you think you going homeboy?

Chris:I gotta make sure she okay


Chris:No dad. I'm going to check on her now move *pushes past him*


Me:Where are we gonna go?

Chris:I'll figure it out but pack your stuff and were leaving tonight

Me:Chris are you sure about this?

Chris:Look you have to trust me. Alright?

Me: *sighs* Alright baby

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