NOTE: Listen to the music video I Really Like You (Cover) by The Johnsons.

You're hanging out with the Winchester boys at the bunker, since it was a no hunting day this week for the three of you. In the meantime, you were in the bunker library blasting your favourite song, I Really Like You cover by The Johnsons that you have legally downloaded, ignoring anyone who was entering the bunker library. You were in the middle of reading one of the books that the Winchester boys were researching previously on a table filled with the rest of the folklore books, suddenly someone lowered down the volume of the stereo.

"Dean, Sam, if that's any two of you, please let me enjoy my song right now. It's not like I can do this often." You notify whoever the person was.

" You know sugar? You might as well lower it down a little. You'll lose your hearing in give or take two years." Gabriel spoke up.

"GABRIEL!!" you we surprised that he visits you and gave him a welcoming hug.

"Missed me?" He asked.

"Of course I do miss you Gabriel. Why wouldn't I be?" You giggled.

"Umm... Well, I was watching you from heaven and you seem pretty busy with that new friend of yours, what's his name again? Kevin Tran, is it?" his voice seemed to be lace with jealousy.

"Oh yeah, Kevin, he's a great guy. You should meet him someday." You replied, not knowing he was kind of jealous when you have a guy friends over at the bunker working on some stuff for hunting. Except for the Winchester boys and Castiel.

"Sure I'll meet him someday (y/n). By the way, great song choice you got there." Gabriel complimented.

"Thanks. I got other song collections that you might like or even intrested in listening to. Will you mind helping me with these books in alphabetical order?" You asked Gabriel who was now next to you at the reading table.

"Sure will do sugar, anything for you." He accepted the request in an instant.

He sure is helpful and awfully nice today, did he take any crazy pills before being here, which I hope he doesn't. You wondered but quickly ignored it. As time goes by, the both of you have finished with the book cleaning spree in the library and went off to the kitchen since you were hungry. Upon arriving at the kitchen you meet up with the Winchester boys.

"Hi Sam and Dean." You happily chirped into the kitchen with Gabriel behind you.

"Hi (y/n)." Both of the boys replied at the same time while busy doing there job in the kitchen.

Dean was sitting on the kitchen table munching on his self-bunker-made burger and Sam was on his laptop, researching for the next hunt.

"No hi for me?" Gabriel looked irritated standing behind you.

Both the boys halted at what there doing and turned around to face you and Gabriel.

"What's Gabriel doing here (y/n)? Did he do anything to you?" Dean stood up and became protetive towards you when Gabriel's around.

Although you knew Dean would ask you the same question over and over again when Gabriel's around, since Gabriel is an archangel and trickster. Dean had recall ever single tricks that Gabriel pulled and made him involuntary be cautious when he came popping in the bunker; including visiting you so suddenly.

"Dean, there's nothing to worry about. Gabriel just surprisingly visited me and helped out with the hurricane of books that you and Sam are too lazy to clean up anyway." You told Dean as he went back eating his burger.

"Sorry (y/n) and thank you... Do any of you want a sandwich? I'll make it up to both of you for cleaning the books at the library." The younger Winchester asked.

"Oh hell yeah we do!" Both of you yelled approvingly to the kind gesture of the younger Winchester.

{Time skip after finishing eating and watching a movie of your choice at the living room}

Sam and Dean went to there designated rooms, leaving you and Gabriel alone in the living room sitting on the sofa. Currently you were leaning on Gabriel's shoulder and the tiredness was consuming you. As your eyes lids droop, Gabriel nudged his shoulder to keep you awake.

"Getting sleepy sugar?" he worriedly (idk if that is even a word) asked you.

"Yeah. Hey Gabe?" you triedly asked.

"What is it (y/n)?" he mumbled.

"Thanks for helping me today and I really appreciate it." You kissed him on the cheek making him blush.

"N-no p-problem (y/n)..." he stuttered out.

"You know what (y/n)... I have a confession to make and get it out of my chest... I really like you (f/n) (l/n). As in love you." Gabriel sighed as he finishes his love confession to you.

You were surprised at first but blushed when the archangel confessed to you.

"Gabe, I love you too." You finally spoke and kiss him directly on the lips. After a solid minute of kissing and pulled away from each other forheads on each others.

"Finally both of you confessed!" You heared Sam say that somewhat sound more like a yell.

"Took you guys a long ass time. Please if guys are gonna do it tonight, you know might as well keep it down, will ya?" Dean smiled and winked at the both of you.

"Shut up Winchesters! And nothing's gonna happen tonight!" Both of you yelled back, faces red beet due to the blushing.

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