Diggy:Hey Jazz. How are you?

Me:I'm good. You?

Diggy:I'm okay. 

Me:What are you doing here?

Diggy:The crew decided to hang. No one could get in touch with you so we were just gonna come to your place after this.

Me:Oh. Okay, well if you don't mind I'm kinda busy right now, so can you and your mangy mutt get out of my face? *smiling*

Star:Excuse me?

Me:B-tch did I stutter?

Diggy:Jazz, can I talk to you alone for a minute?

_I looked over at Chris and he just simply nodded his head. I got up and we walked a few feet away from where we were._


Diggy:Look, I'm just gonna get straight to the point. I miss us, hell I miss you

Me:Okay and?

Diggy:All I'm asking for is one chance 

Me:No, I've moved on to someone who actually cares and loves me. See unlike you, is what you call the true definition of a man. I love him and he loves me so you can go back to that little blue headed b-tch.

Diggy:I don't want Star, I want you

Me:If you truly wanted me you would have never cheated on me! All because of a stupid bet?! Yeah you didn't think that I would find out about that? Well I did! Why the hell would you do something like that? Did you ever really even care about me in the first place?

Diggy:Of course I did!

Me:No you didn't! You went and played me for some god d-mn money! And out of all people you make the bet with Jacob? Really?! You know I can't stand that n-gga!

Diggy:I know-

Me:No! You obviously don't know! Do you not understand that I gave you everything! You were my best friend, my lover, you were the person that took my virginity! Then you go and break my heart like I don't even matter. I hate you!


Me:No! *in tears* I never wanna see or hear from you ever again! *runs off*

_I ran away from him as fast as I could. I just kept running and running not really sure on where I was really going. Tears were pouring out of my eyes uncontrollably as my vision was blurry. I soon felt arms around my waist which caused me to stop running. I turned around and saw Chris looking at me with concerned eyes. I hugged him tight and cried into his chest letting all of my emotions out. I thought that I was truly over Daniel, but he hurt me so bad._

Me:Chris, please promise me  that you won't hurt me.....Please...

Chris:I promise baby, I promise



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