_I've been up all night worried about Jazz. She hasn't come home and she won't answer her phone. Right now it's 1am and I can't sleep. I get up and throw some sweats on with a white shirt and my letterman jacket. I grab my keys and go out to my car. I sit there for a minute trying to think where in the hell did she go? Just then something popped up in my head....I'm so stupid why didn't I think of this before? I start the car and drive off._


_I pull up at the beach and get out of the car. I look around and long behold there was Jazz sitting in the sand just staring at the ocean. She always came here when she was upset. She said the ocean, calms her down. I walk over to where she was and sit next to her. She doesn't look at me, she only keeps her eyes glued to the ocean water._

Me:I was worried about you

Jazz:Why?...I thought you didn't care

_When she said that I could hear a crack in her voice. She looked at me and it looked like she had been crying all day. I couldn't stand to see her like this_

Me:I'll always care about you. No matter what

Jazz:How could I be so stupid! You tried to warn me, b-but I was so stupid and didn't listen

*looks away at ocean*

Me:Hey! Look at me

Jazz:*looks at him* 

Me:Look, it wasn't your fault that that n-gga messed up and made the wrong mistake. He doesn't understand that he has just lost the best thing that could have ever happened to him

Jazz: *sniffs* You mean that?

Me:Of course I do. Any guy would be lucky to have you

_She leans over and hugs me tight and whispers 'Thank you' in my ear. I hug back and get this weird feeling. I've been wondering for to long and I have to know if that spark is still there. I pull away from the hug and look deep into her eyes. We both lean in until our lips meet each others. I automatically need feel those sparks that I have been imagining. I pull her closer to me as I deepen the kiss. She moves closer and sits on my lap not breaking the kiss. We stay like that for a while until we both pull away breathless and stare at each other._

Jazz:Chris...I need you. I regret only going out with you for a day. I-I know it may sound strange but....I think I'm in love with you

Me:I love you too. *smiles* So will you be my girl?

Jazz:What about Kae and our parents?

Me:Forget about them. I want you

Jazz:Then....yes. I will be your girl

_I have been waiting so long to truly make us official, and now that she's mine I don't plan on letting her go;)_



*Well this is the chapter that pretty everybody has been waiting for and now it has happened. Chris and Jazz are together now! Yay! Let me know what you think!*

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