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_It's been a few days since the whole confrontation with Diggy. I can't even bring myself to even call him Daniel because the Daniel I know wouldn't hurt me as bad as he did. The tour ended yesterday and as soon as the show was over I got all of my bags and headed back home to L.A. Digg has been steady blowing up my phone. I choose not to really talk to him...or anyone at that. Since I got back home things are still the same except for the fact that Chris has a girlfriend now. She comes over all the time and if you ask me she is a complete b-tch. I was laying in my bed until there was a knock at my door._


mama: Get your a-s down here. It's time for dinner

Me:I'm not hungry

mama:You have 5 minutes to get down here

_I didn't feel like doing anything but laying in bed all day. After about 5 minutes I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my eyes were red and puffy....I washed my face, but my eyes were still red. I put on my sunglasses and walked downstairs. It wasn't a surprise that Chris's h0e....I mean girlfriend was here. I walked over to the table without saying anything. No one knows that me and Digg broke up except for Chris. So I decided I wouldn't talk during dinner, just eat and go back upstairs._

Will:Well hey Jazz

Me:Um...hey Will

Will:You gonna speak to Karraueche


Mama:Jazz, say hi

Me: *sighs* hey Karracake

Kae:It's Karrauche

Me:Whatever, at least I said hey

Will:Okay....well Jazz how was the tour

_Oh God here we go_

Me:It was fine

Mama:That's it? Just fine? I know it was better than that considering Daniel was there with you the entire time

Me:It was fine okay!

Kae: *whispers* Someone is in a b-tchy mood

Me:No one was even talking to yo b-tch a-s so shut the f-ck up h0e!

Mama:Um, who the hell you yelling at like that? I been trying to be nice but ever since you got home you haven't talked to anybody. What's up with you?


Mama:Girl I know you heard me!

Me:You wanna know what happened mama?!?! Huh? You wanna know so bad??? Well let's see.....I got to perform almost every night for my fans, I hung out with my friends....and oh this is the best part. My so boyfriend Daniel that you just LOVE so much cheated on me WITH my EX BEST FRIEND!!! So does that answer your question? *storms off*

_I can't take it anymore. This is just too much. I put on my shoes and jacket, grabbed my phone and keys. I just need to get far away from here..._



_I know I said that I didn't care but I am starting to feel bad about Jazz. I mean...I hate seeing her like this. Just then the doorbell rang. Tyra got up to go answer it and not long after I saw her walk back in....with Star by her side. I then heard footsteps coming down the stairs and it was Jazz. I saw Jazz look up and lock her eyes on Star. Believe me when I say that I have never seen someone's face look so mad before in my life. Everyone looked at Jazz as she just stood there shaking furiously. Before I knew Jazz ran over and tackled Star to the floor beating the sh-t out her! I ran over and pulled Jazz off of Star and tried holding her back from hitting her again but that girl is strong!_

Me:Calm down!


_Star just stayed down on the floor which was a smart choice cuz she know she was gone get her a-s beat. I looked over and saw Kae laughing at them like it was nothing. Here we go..._

Jazz:B-tch there ain't nothing funny

Kae: *stands up* For you it's not but I can't help but laugh cuz look at you....you have NOTHING! I can see why Diggy cheated on you

_Jazz looked at her as if she were gonna cry but she didn't. Instead she punched her in her jaw knocking her out cold. She got from my grip and started to walk toward the door. Before she walked out she turned around and said_

*"This ain't over, I got both of ya'll."*



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