_Today is the day that everyone performs in Dallas. Im really hype about it since this is originally my hometown.  All day I've been avoiding Diggy. He tries to take me somewhere alone so we can "talk" but I always find someone else to hangout with. Right now I'm in my hotel room laying on my bed watching Silent Library. I was steady laughing at the people on there and what they had to do until I got a knock on the door. I rolled outta bed and walked to the door. I opened it and saw none other than Diggy standing in front of me. I tried to close the door but he blocked it with his foot and forced himself into the room closing the door behind him_

Me:What do you want?

D:I came to check on you since you been hiding in here for so long. 

Me:I haven't been hiding and I'm fine so you can leave now

D:Naw, I'm good. I just wanna spend time with my girl for a while *seductive voice*

Me:No. Get out

D:Not until we have a little fun 

_He walks towards me and grabs me by my waist holding me tight. He starts kissing on my neck and whispering things in my ear._

D:*whispers* Imma make you feel good ma

Me:Mmmm.....no.....mmmm Digg No! 

_I push him off of me and ran in the bathroom locking the door. I slid down the door as I heard him banging on the door pleading for me to let him in. I just sat there for 45 minutes until it finally died down. I got up and slowly opened the door peeking out. I saw Digg on my bed sleep so I walked to my suitcase and got some off my clothes and walked back into the bathroom getting into the shower_


_I "woke up" and saw that Jazz was in the bathroom and I heard the shower running. I never really went to sleep, I was just waiting until Jazz got her mind off of the situation. Now I know what you're thinking-" Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?" Well I made this bet with my friend Jacob and basically I need to get with her before tomorrow. I got up and walked to the bathroom and found the door unlocked. Well here goes nothing...;)_


_I was in the shower when I thought I heard something. I ignored it and kept taking a shower. As I was washing my hair, I felt someone wrap their hands around my waist_


D:Shhh.....baby it's just me

Me:*trying to cover body* Oh my gosh Daniel what are you doing in here!!!

D:Well I know your mad at me so I had to make you happy somehow

Me:You couldn't wait till I got out the shower?!!

D:No, I want you now *kisses her roughly*

_He pushed me back against the wall and continued kissing me. I didn't wanna do this, but the way he took control just turned me on. I lost it and kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck. He kissed all over my neck, sucking on my sweet spot making me moan._

[*45 minutes later*]

_I had my legs wrapped around his waist as he viciously rammed himself into me._

Me:Uhhh!!! Digg!!!

D:D-mm baby

D:Come on Jazz cumm for me baby

_Before I could say anything he picked up his pace._

Me:B-baby....I'm gonna-

D:Come on baby

_I released all over him and sunk my head into his neck as I tried to catch my breath. We kissed each other for a while before finally washing up and getting out. Once we got out the bathroom, he said that he had to go but would call me later. He pecked me on the lips before walking out. As soon as he walked out my phone rang and it was Chris._

•Phone Call•

Me:Hey Chris 

C:Yeah hey. Look I'm in Dallas. 

Me:Oh, cool. You wanna meet up somewhere?

C:Yeah cuz we need to talk......



*What do you think? What does Chris need to talk to Jazzmine about?*

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