Chapter 1

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Jace's POV

Hello, you probably know who I am. It was a normal hot summer day and we were driving to my best friend Maverick's house because he was having a pool party. I haven't seen him in a long time so I was excited to see him again. "So, Xander I heard there is this girl Ellyn that is really cute!!" I teased.

"Shut up! If Zach invited her, she probably is his girlfriend or something." Just so you know Maverick and Zach are brothers. Mav is my age and Zach is Xander's age. "Ok, that's enough boys," my mom said," a majority of these people are Maverick's friends so they will be your age Jace."

"Ok, I just hope it isn't awkward when I see them."

"You won't be, you make friends easily!" Xander says.

"Whatever!" We're about 10 minutes away so I was getting nervous. We finally pull up to their house and we head to the backyard where we find Maverick, Zach and two other girls that looked like sisters. "Jace! I'm so happy to see you again!" Maverick yells as he walks up to greet me. "Yeah, I'm excited to see you too," I reply. I go say hi to Ms. Moore and then Maverick introduces me to the girls. "This is Natalie and Ellyn, they are sisters." Ellyn looked about Xander's age and Natalie was about my age. I meet a couple more people until this girl walks in that I couldn't take my eyes off of. "Hey Andi!" Maverick yells to her. "Hey Mav! Sorry I took so long my mom had me skate over here!" She said holding up her penny board. I guessed she lived close. Her and Mav do a handshake of some kind and the she turns to me. "Hi I'm Andi with an "i"," she said. I stared into her beautiful brown eyes and she looked at me a little awkwardly holding out her hand. "Oh, I'm Jace." We shake hands and I felt a funny thing when she touched me. Do I like her? I snap out of it and jump in the pool with everybody. While I'm swimming Andi comes up to me and starts asking me questions. "So what do you do in life?" "Well I am an actor on a tv show called Henry Danger," I reply. "Never heard of it," she says. "Well, what do you do?" I ask her. "Well, in one sentence I would call myself a skateboarding hippie who happens to be smart." "Oh, I more pictured you to be dark and depressing!" "Really, well to me you are a no good actor who only cares about his hair!" "Well you just know me so well!" All of a sudden she dives underwater and I start chasing her. I am so stupid! Why do I chase her!! I should play it cool and stop. She keeps swimming and then I head over to Maverick. We both get out of the pool and eat some pizza Ms Moore got us and then we take a group picture. I stand next to Andi and Maverick with my arm around them. Zach and Xander are on the end and a couple more of Mav's friends are behind us. It was getting late and I needed to get home so I got Mav's number, Natalie's number and Andi's number. I can't wait to text her and she said we can hang more this summer while I'm on a break from filming. I am so excited for the rest of summer!!

Next Week

I am woken up early by a phone call. It's Andi! We hung out a lot after the party meaning we went to the skate park a couple of times and I took her to the movies but nothing big. I really like her but I think she just sees me as a friend. I hope to get closer to her and become more than friends! I answer the phone...

Phone call

A- hey I am going over to Mav's because they are going to the beach. I'm passing your house right now so if you want to join you better get out here.

J- you just woke me up!

A- then hurry up!!

J- I'll be five minutes!

A- ok, I'm outside

Phone Call over

I look outside and she's wearing an over large shirt and short shorts with sandals and a backpack. She also has a hat she is wearing backwards. She is so cool. I get dressed in my swim trunks and grab my sunglasses, backpack, towel and my penny board. I also get my phone and wallet and I grab a granola bar. I leave a note to Xander in case he is wondering where I am unless he is out with Ellyn. Oh, I forgot to tell you they started dating. I also have a feeling her sister Natalie likes me!! I run outside hop on my penny and ride after Andi. "Hey, what are you doing sleeping in?" She asks. "What are you doing calling me at 10:30?" She playfully punches me and I laugh a bit. She puts in earbuds and starts bopping her head to the beat. I grab one of the buds and listen. She was listening to Nobody Love by Tori Kelly. She turns to me and pulls the ear bud out from my ear. We are right in front of Maverick's house and we get off of our penny boards and I start playfully tickling her. She giggles and I got butterflies because it was the cutest laugh I ever heard! We walk up to the front door and was greeted by Maverick. "Jace, Andi! So glad you could a make it!!" "I'm glad I got him out of bed or else we both wouldn't be here!" Andi says gesturing to me. We go inside and I meet Eve, Andi's best friend and Lang, Eve's boyfriend. Ms Moore leads us to her truck where she let us sit in to back of the truck because the beach was like two blocks away. The whole ride there I just stare into Andi's eyes while she talks to Lang who is sitting next to me. It felt like it was just me and her until we got to the beach.

I have no idea who will play the characters will be but in the next chapter I will have who I think should be Andi. Thanks for reading! Comment who should play Eve, Lang and Maverick. Natalie will also have drama with Jace so also include her. Bye

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