[_Warning.....this chapter is going to be a little graphic. So just a heads up before you read_]


Me:Dan I'm not playin with you! Now get off of me!

_He didn't say anything. Next thing I know is I'm being lifted up off the ground and carried me over to the couch, throwing me down harshly. He got on top of me and kissed my neck roughly while feeling all over my body. I screamed for help and for him to stop, but nothing worked. He then grabbed my shirt, ripping it apart, showing my black lace bra. He leaned down and started sucking on one of my breast through my bra. I wasn't even gonna lie, it felt good, but I wasn't ready to give up my virginity. Especially if he was gonna try and force me. Just then I came up with a good idea._



Me:Ugh.....let me please you baby

D:*looks at her* you sure?


_He got up off of me and stood up pulling down his pants only leaving on his boxers. I looked at "him" and saw that this was really turning him on. I got on my knees and started rubbing him through his boxers. I could hear his breathing start to get heavier, which was kinda turning me on. I looked up at him and saw him tilt his head back in pleasure. This was my chance....I punched him in his little friend and made a run for it. While he was on the floor in pain, I ran to the door only to see it was locked. I unlocked the door and opened, but before I could get out it slammed shut. I felt someone's hands firmly grab my hips and turn me around, pushing me up against the door._

D:You shouldn't have done that

*Knock! Knock! Knock!*

_Jazzmine....we need you near the stage in 5 minutes_


D:You got lucky this time...but know that I'm not done with you yet *walks out*

_I closed the door and slid down it trying not to cry. I just couldn't understand why he would want to do this to me. I mean...I've never seen him like this before. I don't have time for this right now anyways. I got up, changed really quickly, freshened up and headed to the stage. I waited until my signal to go on.....God this is gonna be some night._


_I was at home with Kae and we were downstairs watching tv. I've been enjoying my time with Kae, but I've just been having this bad feeling all day. Not like a sick bad feeling, but a bad feeling like something is wrong._

Kae:Baby? You okay?

Me:Uh....yeah I'm fine 

_Im tryna shake this feeling off but I don't know why I can't......_


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