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[2 weeks Later]


_Well I'm packing getting ready to go on tour. Im excited because this tour is gonna be CRAY! It's gonna be me, OMG Girlz, Diggy, Mindless Behavior, and Jacob Latimore. So basically I'll be traveling the country with my friends and my man. While I was in my room packing my mom came in and sat on my bed_

Mama:Hey sweetie 

Me:Hey mama. What's up?

Mama:Well you know your going on your tomorrow and I just wanted to talk to you

Me:Um, okay

Mama:Look I'm just gonna get straight to the point. Since your gonna be all alone I don't want you getting buck wild. 

Me:Mama you know I'm 18 right?

Mama:And? I don't care. Behave yourself especially since you have a boyfriend now

Me:Ma, you know Digg is good

Mama:I don't care. All guys think the same. Don't get me wrong I love Digg to death, but if he does something he ain't got no business then imma mess him up

Me:Okay..... *laughs*

Mama:Just promise me if you do decide to do something.......please just be safe

Me:I will. Trust me :)

Mama:Why you smiling? Did y'all already have sex!

Me:What?! No!

Mama:Don't lie to me. Where was it? It bet no have been in my bed-

Me:Mama! We didn't have sex!

Mama:Oh, okay. But I'm watching y'all *walks out*

_I swear my mama crazy, but I love her! Just as she walked out Chris came in closing the door behind.....great._



C:Ready for tour?

Me:Yeah I am. But what do you want?

C:Look we may argue and annoy the hell out of each other but believe it or not I actually care about you. 

Me:Your point....?

C:You need to look out for that Diggy kid 

Me: *rolls eyes* This again? Why are you so jealous of him?

C:Jealous? I'm not jealous! I'm tryna look out for your a-s!

Me:Sure. You're "looking out for me." Look just get over it, I'm with Digg NOT you. 

C:You know what? Fine! When he break yo lil heart DON'T come crying to me like a little b-tch!

Me:Trust me I won't now get the f-ck up outta my face

_He shook his head at me in shame and walked out the door. I understand he wants to protect me, but Ive known Daniel for practically all my life. He would never hurt me? Right? Of course not. I zipped up my last suitcase and placed it next to the door with my other bag. I then brushed my teeth, changed into my pjs, and got in the bed to go to sleep_

_I was woke the next morning extra early since the tour starts today. Even though it was only 5:30 in the morning, I was excited! I was ready to be with my friends and do what I love.  I went in the bathroom getting ready. I put on a white tank top, black sweatpants, a black lettermans jacket, and some black an white Jordans. It was early, but I still looked good. I put my hair in a bun and put on my black and white bandana. Soon enough I heard the doorbell ring. I ran downstairs and answered the door to see everyone standing there. I smiled and hugged everyone, and kissed Dan. The bus driver came and put my stuff on the bus. Everyone was standing in the living entrance way just talking and laughing it up. I looked over and saw my mom, Will, and Chris coming downstairs._

Mama:Aw, my baby leaving me!

Me:Mama, it's just 2 months

Mama:I know! It's too long *hugging her*

Me:Will can you help me out please?

_He came and pulled my mon off of me. The manager came and told everyone it was time to go. I hugged my mom....again, Will, then Chris. Before Chris let go of me he whispered in my ear: "Remember what I told you." I just let go and walked out the house and got on the bus. Well.....hopefully there won't be any drama.....just happiness._


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