"Well I don't want to go to college here so I am, and shouldn't you be supporting me, telling me that I'm making the right decision and be happy that I'm actually going to college." he wiped off his mouth, and raised his eyebrow.

"Well I don't support you, until you go to the college here." He told me putting the rest of his food back in the bag.

"Jason you're acting like a total asshole today, telling me I can't hangout with my friend, now you're telling I can't leave for college? Take me back to school, because you have me fucked up." I've had it with him acting like he's my father.

He sat there looking at me,"Now!" I yelled I was ready to get out this car, before I beat the shit out of him.

He finally pulled off and took me back to school.


"Next week is mom and dads anniversary are we doing anything?" I asked Josh.I was in the kitchen cooking us something to eat, because if I don't Josh and I would be starving.

Jason and I haven't spoken since he dropped me off, and he thought I was going to just stop talking to Shawn just like that? No and I'm going to a out of state college too.

I talked to Shawn when I got back to school, we were discussing what we would do when we hang out. I called Jason but he didn't answer so I just left him alone.

Are all relationships like this? arguing constantly I've never been in one but damn felt like I've been together with Jason forever.

"Yeah we are going to buy stuff for their grave, and have a cook out," Josh told me from the living room.

"Who is going to come? Our family doesn't live here," I said making Josh's plate and bringing it to him.

"Thanks," he said taking the plate from my hands,"but I thought it could be just you, me, Cecelia, Carmen, and Jason." I just nodded my head I don't Jason would come.

"So what are you and Cecelia?" I asked him making my plate, and sitting down next to Josh.

"Why Tina? Damn you're always in my business."

"Shut up! I'm not always in your business." I started eating.

"Nah I'm just kidding, but we just went on one date that's it, so we are just friends for right now," he told me, I wanted to tell him that Jason and I were dating, but that can wait, because at the rate Jason and I are going we won't be together for much longer.

"But you guy got a hotel room?"

"Yeah just because we are friends right now doesn't mean we couldn't have sex."

When he said that I started choking on my food, my brother is gross.

"Oh.. M-my god, were you not going to help? Mr. Doctor."

'I thought you were kidding," he started laughing my brother is a jerk.

My phone started to ring, and I looked down at who was calling it was Jason.

I answered it and went upstairs to talk to him.

"Hello?" There was a lot of noise in the background.

"Hey bay-baby girl," he sounded like he was slurring his words.

"Jason are you drunk?" he didn't say anything all I heard was noise in the background which was loud.

"Jason where are you at?"

"At the club."

"I can tell baby, which one?"

"The one by, um-uh-I don't remember- oh it's by the one food place," well that narrows it down to two clubs.

"Jason stay where you are at, I'm on my way," I told him and hung up, grabbed my car keys, and went downstairs.

"Where are you going?" Josh asked.

"Going to pick up something from the store," I told him putting on my sandals by the door.

"Okay be careful, love you."

"I will love you too."

I left the house got into the car, and drove all the way to downtown.

I parked my car, and walked into one of the clubs with the most people, because I had a feeling he was here, I squeezed my way through sweaty, and drunk bodies trying to find Jason.

From a distance I saw Jason's Hair, he was Shirtless, and had shades on, I made my way towards him.


"JASON!" he finally turned around, and looked at me.

"Baby girl you came, why?"

"Because you called me, and sounded drunk which you are, and I came I don't you driving while you're drunk." I told him grabbing his arm, and pulling him towards me.

"I'm sorry for earlier, baby I-I just don't want you to leave me already," he said I couldn't stay mad t him, he just didn't want to lose me.

I hugged Jason shirtless body, and stared up at him,"it's okay Jason come on, we're going back to my place," Jason grabbed my face and kissed me on the lips, for a quick second.

We made our way out of the club, and I got him in my car, it was very hard, because he was drunk, and way heavier than me.

"Can you take me to get my clothes from my house?"

"Yeah," and I drove towards his house.

I pulled up in his driveway, Jason was about to get out, but I stopped him.

"I'll get you some clothes," he nodded his head, and reached into his pocket and gave me his house key.

I grabbed it and got out of the car, and ran towards his house, I went upstairs, grabbed his toothbrush, boxers, and clothes for tomorrow for him. I put them in a bag, and went to the kitchen to get him a water bottle.

I locked the house door, and went back to my car.

"Here you need this," I told him handing him the water bottle.

"Thanks," he took it, and I started driving back to my house, Josh should be asleep by now, because I know him after he eats his food watch a episode of criminal minds he's out like a night light.

"Baby girl?"


"Thank you, you are a good girlfriend, you know that right?"

I looked at him, and smiled I pulled up my driveway, and turned off the car, I climbed into Jason's lap, and smirked at him.

I leaned down, and whispered in his ear," tell m why I'm a good girlfriend," I Told him, and I started kissing on his neck.

I felt Jason heart beat faster while I was doing this, well I know I have a affect on him.

I kissed his lips, and got out of the car, and went into the house.

A/N: this was supposed to be a Harry Styles story lol.

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