Me:Digg? What are you doing here?

D:I came here to something for someone. But I need you to answer my question 

Me:What question?

D:Do you have feelings for Chris or not?

Me:Can we talk about this somewhere else?

D:Nope. Now do you have feelings for the n-gga or not?

Me:Look please just...stay calm if I'm gonna say this

D:I am calm now whats your answer?

Me: *takes deep breath* Okay, yes I have feelings for him but-

D:Nough said. I knew you still didn't wanna let go of him. And to think you been playin me all this time *shakes head*

Me:Dan, will you just listen to me-

D:I heard what I needed to and I don't wanna hear anything else. Just leave me alone *walks away*

_I stood there as I watched him walk away until I couldn't see him anymore. Why does he keep treating me like this? The girls tried to come and comfort me but I told them that I wanna just be alone. I told all of them bye, got in my car, and drove home. Once I got there I went straight to my room and got in my bed. Why wouldn't he listen to me? I told him the truth but i don't even want Chris. At least I think so...but I'm scared of losing my best friend over some stupid sh* t like this. I decided I should go talk to him. I left the house in my car and drive to his house. When I got there I knocked on the door and was instantly greeted by his mom_

DM (Digg Mom): Jazz! How you doing sweetie?

Me:I'm good mama J. Is Digg here?

DM:Yeah, he's in his room. You can go on up


_I walked in and went straight to his room. I stood in front of his door debating on whether or not to knock or just go in. I decided to just go in because I know he wouldn't let me in if I knocked. I barged into his room determined to make things right but was in for the surprise of a lifetime. I walked in on Digg with his ex on his lap making out._


D: *looks up* Jazz! What are you doing here?

Me:I came to talk to your a-s but I can see that your "busy". Why would you even do this to me?

D:Don't act like you don't know

Me:Know what!

D:That you've been cheating on me!



_I was a little taken back when he said that. He's NEVER called me out of my name. NEVER. I walked over to him and did something that I never to him. I slapped the sh*t out of him_

Me:I never cheated on you. I may have been tempted but I never did! You wanna assume stuff and then bring a h*e home just to make me mad?!? I came over here not to just save our relationship but our friendship but I guess it doesn't matter to you. I'm done with you Daniel. Done * walks towards door*

D:Jazz! Wait I thought that-

Me:N-gga you thought wrong! Make sure you lose my number and never talk to me again you dumbass motherf*cker! *walks out room*


_I was at home in my room just playing call of duty. I didn't have anything else to do so I figured why not. I was getting real focused upon the game that I didn't even notice Jazz walk in my room and sit next to me. I looked at her and saw that she had been crying. I paused the game and gave all my attention to her_

Me:Jazz, what's wrong?


Me:Let me guess. Boyfriend problems?

J:More like EX boyfriend problems


Me:Oh, I'm sorry. What happened?

J:He saw me at the mall and overheard me talking to my girls about you. 

Me:What about me?

J:They asked if I still had feelings for you

Me:And what did you say?

J:Well I said yes and Digg just got mad and left. Then I went to his house and caught him in his room making out with his h*e of an ex girlfriend. 

_I looked at her as she looked at the ground letting the tears from here eyes escape onto her face. I put my finger under her chin and lifted up her face. She still looked down and the ground refusing to look at me_

Me:Jazz, look at me

J: *looks at him*

Me:You deserve better. You deserve someone that wont hurt you, only love you. What he did was wrong and he just lost one of the best things he ever had. He's not worth your tears. AT ALL!

J:I know....but it's so hard...

Me:I understand. But have to want better for yourself. 



J:Can I tell you what I want for myself?

Me:Of course

J: *looks in his eyes* I want you



*Well....Digg you are just a little player, huh? SMDH! What do you think?*

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