Chapter 1

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Mal's P.O.V
•August 31st 2020•

We all sat there, on the "beach" facing Auradon. The barrier was repaired.
"Hey guys, do you remember when we went to Auradon?" Carols asked.
"That was the worst week of my life." I gagged thinking of the thought.
"That week was so weird." Jay commented.
"Tell me about it." Evie pitched in.
"I mean, Evie is smart, and she fell for a dwarf ." Carlos snickered.
"Yeah well, Jay played... on a team." Evie came back.
"Carlos befriended a dog." Jay pointed.
"Oh yeah... well... um... Mal feel in love with a Prince." Carlos yelled. Everyone fell silent. I just glared.
"Don't talk about him." I looked down. I looked up and Jay punched Carlos' shoulder.
"Owe."he whimpered rubbing it.
"Whatever, who cares. Let's get home." I said standing up. They all followed. Who cares about Auradon? Were evil why are we still talking about this. I mean, its been 5 years. It was foolish for all of us to find love, in a dog, a game, a subject, a prince. That was ridiculous, love is stupid. Evil is what we all need, what we all are.
When we get back to the house, and our parent werent there, wierd. Evie walked to her mirror, Carlos plopped on the couch, and Jay raided the fridge. I walked over to the table and looked at the mail, I flipped threw it, something caught my eye. The envelope was a very light shade of mint green. And the writing was thin, cursive, black writing. On the front it said.
Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos. I looked up to the others, "Guys listen to this." Evie turned away from the mirror, Carlos sat up, and Jay took his head out of he fridge, with his mouth full of bread. I tered the envelope open and pulled out a different peice of paper.
"You are invited to the wedding of king Benjamin And princess Aubrey" I read. I look at my friends and they all just stared, at me that is. He's getting married. Evie got up and walked towards me. She places hand on my shoulder. While taking the invitation and continuted reading.
"September 22nd, ceremony starts at 11 o'clock, its taking place at Ben's castle." When Evie finished reading they all looked at me. What's wrong with them, I don't care. I just smirked at them. "Hmmm, let's give Bennyboo a wedding he'all never forget." They all smirked back.
"I have a feeling this is going to be fun." Jay laughed.

Evie's P.O.V
Am I the only one? OK, I can't argue that it would be fun to ruin some Auradon lives while over there, but I just have the feeling that Mal is hurt but the fact the Ben is getting married, even if she doesn't know herself. Just because were evil again, doesn't mean we aren't heartless... right?
"Hmmm, Ill just write King Benjamin to send a car." I smiled. They all nodded.
"I'm going to go pack," jay announced while running off.
''And by that he means throwing random things in a bag." Carlos said while following Jay through the hallway. I looked at Mal who was reading her spell book.
"Hey, are you OK." She looked up with the why-wouldnt-I-be look on her face.
"Course. I'm really looking forward to this wedding." She smiled.
Then she walked away in the same direction of the boys. I found a price of paper and a pencil.
Dear King Benjamin
OK that sounds weird,
Dear Ben,
Hey its Evie. I haven't talked to you in a while. We got your wedding invitation and we would like to be there. But you need to send a car because, you know, we have the barrier. The sooner the bettter. Anyway, see you soon, I hope.
~Evie Queen<3
Its times like this that I love having a magic mirror. "Magic Mirror, send this note to King Benjamin of Auradon." Then the mirror sparkled and the letter went poof. I'm so glad that I don't have to rhyme for the magic mirror. Almost ten minutes later, a peice of paper appered in my hand.

Ben's P.O.V

I was sitting in class. Yeah I know, class. Auradon Prep has college classes. Then all of a sudden a price of paper landed on my book, I'm not sure anyone saw it tho, just me. I opened the note and I laughed lightly at the fact that Evie and to write the that sounds weird part. As soon as I read it I imediantly smiled. Finally after five years I get to see them again. I get to see her again. I raise my hand. Fairy Godmother looked at me, I pointed towards the door and she nodded her head. I got up calmly but them bulted out the door. I found my limo put side and had him drive to the castle. I send a car to the isle with specific instructions. Then I sent a letter back to Evie. We have the new transportation that sent a letter where ever you wanted.
Dear Evie,
Im glad guys are going to come, I'll send a car, it coming as your dealing this. Can't wait to see you guys.
I sent the letter to Evie and sat down in In my chair.

First bal story... hope you guys like it

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