_Well me and Chris are not in the best place with each other right now. I mean I'm pissed off right now, wouldn't you be? Yeah, so don't judge me. I'm so tired of him going from wanting to be in a relationship with me then to hating me cuz I go out with Diggy. Right now I'm sitting in my room wondering why all this is going on. You know what, I'm not gonna let this get me down. I called up my girls Star, Beauty, and Babydoll, aka the OMG Girlz. I told them to meet me at the mall so we could do some shopping. I got up and got dressed in this:_

_I then grabbed my keys, got in my car, and drove off to the mall_

•Meanwhile in the Mall•

_Me and the girls went shopping for3 hours straight! Thats just what I needed too. We went and sat down at the food court so we could rest our feet for a while._

Beauty:I got so much cute stuff

Babydoll:Me too girl

Star:Me too

Me:Yeah. I really needed to come and shop off some of this stress

Beauty:Uh oh. What's going on with you?

Me:Girl, what's NOT going on with me?

Star:What's happening then?

Me:Okay you guys have to promise not to tell this to anyone else

Girls:We promise

Me: *sighs* okay well me and my step brother Chris have been having this little.....fling


Me:Yeah. Like flirting and stuff

Star:Are y'all having sex?

Me:No. I'm still a virgin.

Star:For now...everybody knows that Digg is a freak

Me:yeah I know. But ever since I started dating Digg Chris has been mad hating.

Beauty:Well what would you think he would do? The n-gga has feelings for you

Me:I know that but I'm with Diggy

Babydoll:But you have feelings for chris don't you?


?:Well do you have feelings for him?

Me: *turns around* Digg



*Well well well.....what do you think she will say?*

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