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A/N: June 16, 2016

Also, if you ever need some advice on how to build your brand of writing and get it organized so you can get your stories out there, check out my free class with Skillshare. The class is short and sweet and pretty simple to follow.

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A/N: May 21, 2016

Hi everyone—new readers and re-readers alike!

I wanted to get out in front of this and let you know that you might be seeing video ads in my stories.

It's a new initiative that Wattpad is testing as it explores ways to help support authors like me so we can continue providing free content to the community. It also helps cover the costs of running the site and funds improvement to the overall experience.

The ads will appear about every half hour and I would greatly appreciate your support in viewing them before proceeding. Every little bit helps us out as we don't make any book sales out of any of the stories we post on the site.

Who knows? Maybe one day, writers like me can write full-time and bring you more stories to love and enjoy... =)

Thank you!



A/N: April 2014

The Cobalt Bay Billionaires is a series that I started last year.

There are two completed books and I've temporarily put the rest on hold while I write my current books here in Wattpad.

I'm hoping for your honest feedback. I've only self-edited this so please be kind.

If you've seen any of my work before, you might think that this has a lot in common with my other book The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield. A lot about that story was very loosely based on this one I've already finished but that took off on its own direction eventually so the two books aren't really going to be the same at all.

Just a heads up, this story starts when Cassandra is only seventeen. There's a good reason for this—I think finding something that would change your whole life when you're young and undecided about how your future would look like shapes you irrevocably. Do read on if you're interested to find out what happens. The many issues they struggle to overcome in the beginning will steer their future where the bigger obstacles lay waiting. 

This story might be steamier than my other ones but there is no BDSM in this story. Despite the slightly wicked nature of their earlier circumstances, desires don't combust until the time is right.

Please vote and comment.

Tell me what you like and what you don't.

Say what you think about it.

Thank you to those who have supported my work in the past and continue to do so as I write more.



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