_Well it's been about a month since everything went down and things are going pretty good. Me and Digg are still going strong:) but as far as the relationship between me and Chris it just completely faded away. We don't really talk to each other and when we do we always end up getting in some kind of argument. That's the main reason that both of us are grounded right now and can't leave the house. I was laying on my bed in my room texting my baby:)_

_Text Convo_

D:Hey baby:)


D:What's with the face?

Me:Just annoyed



D:You guys are always mad at each other. What's the problem?

Me:He's just such a douchebag sometimes and I get fed up with it

D:Well how about I come pick you up and take you out so you can have some fun?

Me:I wish I could...but I can't


Me:Me and Chris got grounded for arguing

D:Well are your parents home?

Me:No, they're at work as usual

D:When do they get home?

Me:Around 11pm

D:Well it's 3pm right now so just sneak out


D:Please? I'm not taking no for an answer


D:Good. Get dressed and I'll be there in 10

_End of text convo_

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