*Jazzmine POV*


_We both turned our heads to see none other than....Chris? He ran over to us and just stared at me intensely_


C:What you mean 'what'? Why you got yo lips all over this n-gga?

Me:Um, it's called business. I suggest you get you some

C:So you really gone be with him?

Me:Yeah, now can you leave me alone?

C:You know what I'm done with yo a-s. If you wanna play games then fine

Me:Whatever. I already told you how I feel earlier. *walks off*

_I grabbed Digg's hand and walked off. I need to move on and Chris is holding me back. I am not gonna play Diggy because of all this mess._

D:Baby? You ok?

Me: *sighs* Just got a lot on my mind

D: *grabs hand* Come with me

_He grabbed my hand and started running down the boardwalk until our feet touched sand. I looked around seeing that we were on the beach._

Me:Why did you bring me down here?

D:I just want you to be happy. I never liked seeing you get mad

_I guess he was trying to lean in and kiss me but I wasn't paying attention because I turned and looked out at the ocean. I then felt a kiss on my cheek. I faced him and saw he just gave me that -_- face._


Me:I'm sorry. Come here



_I stepped closer to him and he took a step back. We kept doing that until he eventually just took off running around the beach. Of course I was crazy enough to chase after him. We ran around until I caught him and we fell to the ground laughing like little kids. We looked into each others eyes and kissed each other feeling the passion in it. This is just the type of relationship I need...._


_So that's what she wanna do? She wanna hurt me? I know your thinking 'You said you guys could date other people' well I never thought that she would actually do it. Well if she wants to hurt me then I know something that will hurt her 10x worse. I went home and called me ex girl Rachael to come over and chill. Besides I need a little fun right now. Eventually Rachael made it over to my house and we automatically went upstairs to my room....._


_We had just pulled up in front of my house. Digg got out and walked me to the door like a true gentlemen. I gave him one last kiss before going in the house. I closed the door behind me and went in the kitchen to grab something to drink. I got a bottle of water and walked up the stairs and down the hall. As I got ready to walk in my room I heard weird sounds coming from Chris' room. I walked closer and listened: 'Chris.....yeah baby' 'D-mn Rachael'. I stood there listening to the events going on in his bedroom feeling eyes rush to my eyes. I ran downstairs and sat on the porch. I called Diggy and asked him to come back. When he made it he saw me sitting on the porch crying. He walked to me to his car and drove to his place. I love his family. They show true love where my family is just fake bullsh*t. Since it was late we just went to his room. He gave me one of his shirts to sleep in and I changed and laid in bed with him feeling him wrap me in his arms. Everything is just so confusing right now......._

This is what Rachael looks like:



*Just messed up......that's all I got to say*

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