*@CallMe_Zen I know right. Chris got some mad issues.*


_It was 6:30 and I was finishing up getting dressed for my date with Diggy. Of course Chris had to walk in with no shirt._

C:So you really gone go out with him?

Me:Yes. You have a problem with it?

C:Yeah I do. You're supposed to be with me

Me:Well you said that we should 'still date other people' so I don't know why you steady trppin'

C;I'm tripping!

Me:Yes! Why don't you stop worrying bout me so much and go out and find you a girlfriend or something

C:I have a girlfriend

Me:Oh yeah? Who?


Me:See that's where your wrong. You wanna keep us on the download while you go and be with other b-tches

C:So your not my girl anymore

Me:I NEVER WAS! All you wanna do is play games but I want a relationship with somebody who will be proud enough to take me out in public

_I stormed out of my room just as the doorbell rang and I went downstairs in this:_

_I opened the door and saw Diggy dressed in this:_

D:Hey beautiful

Me:Hey cookie monster

D:Hahaha very funny. You ready?


_We walk out of the door and into his car. He ended up driving us to the boardwalk. I was excited considering the fact that I haven't been here in a long time. We got out the car and started walking down the boardwalk. We rode every ride in sight and went to play all the games. We came across a game and I saw the prize was this cute teddy bear_

Me:Aw, look at the teddy bear!

D:Do you want it?


D:Okay I got you

_Diggy walked up to the booth and gave the man 3 tickets to play. He picked up the ball, threw it, and knocked down all the bottles with ease. He got the teddy bear and handed it to me and this huge smile spread across my face. We continued walking down the boardwalk having a good time until he stopped to where we were looking out at the ocean._

Me:Why did you stop walking?

D:I need to talk to you

Me:Okay, what's up?

D:Look, I like you a lot and I always have. I love your personality, your smile, the way you walk. I love everything about you. I would really love for you to be my girl. So what do you say?

Me: *smiles* yes. I would love to be your girl

_He wrapped his hands around my waist and leaned in. Our lips connected and moved in sync with each other. Our moment was ruined by someone screaming:_




*Well Diggy and Jazzmine have made it official! What do you think? Who do you think it was that was calling her name?*

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