_It's been a couple of days since I went and 'teased' Chris and ever since then he's been acting suspicious. I decided to just ignore him that way nothing would happen. Our parents went to work, as usual, so I went downstairs to get something to eat. I walked downstairs into the kitchen and went in the refrigerator. I chose an apple and grapes with some apple juice. I wasn't that hungry but I just needed something to snack on something. I decided to get some donuts too so I turned around and went back in the fridge. Once I had everything I wanted I turned to walk back to my room and bumped right into Chris himself._

Me:Dang why you all up on me?

C:Don't act like you don't like it

Me:Whatever. Can you just move out of the way?

C:I don't think I can do that

Me:And why the hell not?

C:Well you remember the other day when you came in my room and you decided to tease me?

Me: *eyes widen* Uh, no

C: *laughs* sure you don't. Well I remembered that I didn't get my revenge


C:And I want it.....now

_I dropped my food on the counter and made a run for. Unfortunately I didn't get far at all. He picked me up and just threw me over his shoulder. He walked into the living room and tossed me on the couch getting on top of me. He wasted no time and started kissing all over my body. I wanted him to stop but no words came from my mouth because it just felt so good. I felt him move his hand down to my area. He started rubbing fast and hard and I couldn't help but moan. I was just about to reach my climax until he got up and started walking off._

Me:Where are you going?! *breathing hard*

C:I'm going back to sleep

Me:I hate you right now!

C:Aw, I love you too baby

_Okay so a n-gga wanna play hard ball now? Aight then....I got his hard ball;)_



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