_Well today Diggy said he wanted to take me out. Me and him are really good friends so I know that this should be fun. He told me to dress in red so we would be matching so I got dressed in this:_

_Just as I was finishing up my make up Chris walked in my room. Just my luck...._

C:Where you going dressed all sexified like that?

Me:Going to hang with Digg


Me:You mad?


Me:Chris? *raises eyebrow*

C:Okay a little but why do you have go dressed like that.

Me:Cuz I wanna look good

C:For him or for you?

Me:.....Why does it matter?

C:You know what...go. *walks out room*

_I sigh as I grab my phone and purse and walk out of the room and went downstairs. The doorbell rang and I went to answer it to see Diggy standing there._

D:Hello beautiful

Me:Hello handsome

D:You ready?

Me:Yeah, where we going anyways?

D:Somewhere fun

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