Blood Thirsty Chapter 6 :)

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Hey guys, I feel so bad that it has taken me practically a year to get back on the horse and write you another chapter.  This was in fact the very first book I had ever written before I had moved to innocent eyes. I’m sorry that I ditched this one. I never meant too, I just ….  Hit a giant road block as it seemed.  But to make up for all the time I have put off for this book and you guys I’ve written  a little over 3000 words for you guys!! <3 haha hope you guys like this chapter; I sure had fun writing it <3

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Blood thirsty chapter 6 :)

The air was cold, yet it was peaceful. I heard not one sound as my body fell through the moisture that plummeted to hell.  Their awakening daggers set upon my flesh awaiting my impact, to which never came.  Instead I splashed deep into the rapid waters, swishing my body around like it would have been nothing. 

The temperature could have been below freezing for all I know, but my ‘new’ body seemed to care otherwise.  It felt …neutral. -Like no amount of heat or temperature mattered, not that I could feel it anyways. 

This saddened me, I used to love the water. The feel of a cold breeze upon a midnight summers swim. -The feel of the erotic compulsion of a hot and cold mix.  -The water being a warm delight, while the air around you is the want to never escape the desire to be in the warmth of the water that surrounds you.

Sadly I had realized this was beside the point.  I had just jumped off a –god-knows-how-big- waterfall and survived.  ….but Blake doesn’t know this.  I swam to the mossy bank, avoiding the rocks as best I could. 

He’s a monster. Exactly what he had told me no more than 15 minutes before the incident.  Why didn’t I take more in fact to him than he let on?  I should have picked up on that fact that since he is thousands of years old, he has obviously lost the emotion.  I laughed without humor. I will never be a killer. Knowing the fact that as soon as I take the bite in mind to drain and not suffice hunger, I will become one.  From here on out I amend that I will keep full emotion and never lose myself.  I will never be the monster that Blake becomes. I hereby swear that the thirst will never get the better of me.

I was a good girl at one point in my subhuman life, but now?  …. ….  I’ve killed people.

Innocent people. Just like I was, before I was turned without consent. 

I threw a stone into the water, letting it skip across the bank

The ripples in the water reflected the light of the moon, slowly swirling in disturbance.

The sudden realization had hit me, that I am in fact a killer.  I killed the girl at the bar.  …and now thanks to Blake’s encouragement  I’ve killed the man in the woods. 

My stomach began to twist in knots knowing I had done those awful things. My hands, forever stained with blood. The blood of an innocent. 

An innocent person who didn’t do a damn thing to me!

I gripped the wet soil beneath my palms, ripping out the patched grass in frustration. 

That’s it.

I’m never going back.


I have a bad feeling about this plan but I want no part of being a monster.  -Especially not in his delusional state.

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