Wassup ya'll? My name is Jazzmine and I am 18 years old. I live out in LA with my mom Tyra. Yes my mom is the Tyra Banks. I love my mom to death. She is the one that inspired me to be the person that I am today. My mom had been dating her boyfriend for 5 years before she FINALLY got married about 6 months ago to my now step-dad Will Smith. He's a cool guy but he's NOT my daddy. My real dad is just awesome. I wanted to live with him out in Dallas, but he said that it would be better if I stayed with my mom. It's whatever though I ain't trippin about it. Everything in my life is great except for one thing. Will, my step-dad, has a son named Chris and he is the same age as me. Me and Chris get along just fine but there's just something about him that sets him apart from other guys. I mean for one he's fine as hell! Sometimes I wish he wasn't my step-brother because I would be all over that boy! I've been holding in this secret that no one knows. I have had the biggest crush on Chris ever since we first met. It's even harder considering the fact that we live under the same roof now. I try to hide it but I just feel as if he knows. But today I have to push all of that aside because me and mom are meeting Will and Chris at a restaurant for dinner. I got dressed in some bleach washed jeans, a red and black crop top that said 'dope', and my black and white converse before I met my mom downstairs.

 Mom: Hey baby. You look nice who you tryna impress?

Me: No one mama. I just don't wanna be caught looking ratchet

Mom: Well I've taught you well. But you ready to go?

Me: Yeah. 

We walked out to the car and got in. My mom drove us to the restaurant. It wasn't real fancy more of just a casual scene. Once we walked in we saw Will and Chris and walked over to them. My mom sat in the booth with Will, of course, which left me to sit in the both across from them with Chris.

Will: Hello ladies. How are ya'll

Mom: Good she says kissing him.

Me: Good thanks for asking

Mom: And how are you doing Chris

Chris: I'm aight

Mom: You just aight?

Chris: laughs Naw I'm good

Mom: That's better

We all ordered our food and before anyone could dig into their food our parents told me and Chris to go and sit at a booth alone so we could "hangout". Me and Chris got up taking our food with us and moved to the next available booth which was no where near our parents. We sat down and started eating our food in complete silence. It was nothing but pure silence until I decided to break the ice

Me: Um, so Chris what have you been up to lately?

Chris: Working

Me: Yeah I feel you on that

Chris: What about you?

Me: Pretty much the same. Just working and tryna enjoy my summer

Chris: That's cool

Yet again there was another awkward silence. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and decided to get on twitter. While I was in the middle of tweeting he spoke up.