Chapter 4

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Val's POV

"Nat must really like Hunt if he's doing this in public."

My brother's hands were the same place they'd ben in the past two or so minutes - on both sides of Hunter's cheeks, while the two of them kissed.

It had started with the older boy coming out of the bus and dropping his gym bag to the ground to hug Nat. At first his arms were around my twins back, then they slipped to his hips as Hunt gazed down at my brother's flushed face and slowly leaned forward to kiss him. Nathaniel had been hesitant, but he quickly gave in and now they were making out at the bus station.

As Raiden said, a bold move for someone like Nat.

"Does he even realize how many people are staring at them?" My childhood friend spoke again. "Some of them are our age and go to our school too."

"Let them stare." I waved him off and pushed myself from the lamp post I'd had my back on. "Nat's happy."

I approached my brother and his boyfriend with Raiden in tow in time to see Hunter sweeping his tongue over Nat's bottom lip. My brother looked down with a grin on his reddened face.

"Do I get a hug too?" I spread my arms. "You can keep the other stuff for my brother."

Hunt sighed exaggeratedly and embraced me.

"Such a shame," he said as we patted each other on the back. "Who doesn't have a thing for twins?"

The eyes of the brown-haired woman that was attending to her luggage just a few feet from us rounded and for a moment I felt like a plump, purple-clothed owl with a flower on her hat was staring at us. I could almost hear her thoughts: 'first the boy, now the girl; when will this guy stop'; apparently, she didn't realize Hunt had been joking.

My now ex-neighbor took a step back and gave the once-over to my current one, the left corner of his lips turning upwards.

"You were right, Val," he concluded.

"What about?" Raiden asked, catching on that the comment had something to do with him.

"I told Hunter that you are hot." I shrugged.

Ray-Ray's jaw dropped for a second, then he imitated what I'd just done, muttering 'oh, that.'

"I also told him that you've became boring," I added and this time I got a bigger reaction to my words.

His eyes narrowed so much, they almost closed, and his teeth clanked when he clenched his jaw - not that threatening, considering its soft, feminine outline.

"I." He bent forward. "Am. Not. Boring." Ray-Ray slowly enunciated.

"I told you before..." I grinned. "Prove it."

"I've got nothing to prove." He straightened and crossed his arms over his chest.
"If you say so." I waved him off again; the gesture always teased him. "Grab your bag and let's go, Hunt. We've got a homemade meal waiting for you at Cherry Road 16." I told him our address and walked to where Raiden had parked his family's car.

"I hope you are not the one who prepared it, Val." Hunter pulled his bag off the ground and over his right shoulder, hooking his left arm around my brother before they followed me.

"The twins have been so eager to have you here," Raiden replied instead of me. "I doubt they'll take the risk of exposing you to Vallery's cooking."

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