The Story of a Girl and Boy

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The happy girl with a happy boy.

Speaking of future togetherness,

How they'd spend their lives together until one fight.

They didnt talk for over a month or 2 at the least.

She should have chosin her words wisly and kept her mouth shut.

Now in that time, the girl was suicidal and terribly sorry for everything.

What she didnt know that while she was crying every night and day, when he talked out his feelings to some girl, she ended up kissing him to "calm him down." She knew we were both upset and yet it seemed like she waited. Waited for the perfect moment to take him from the girl. After a while they started talking again and only because she said that he should go back to the girl. They did. They werent completely the same again but they were laughing again thats for sure. A few weeks past and he started falling for the other girl. She was getting depressed after that and she wouldnt stand for it. Because of their condition, she was worried about asking him to be hers. She was scared of what he'd say. Afraid that if they do go out, she'll be threatened. She should of asked when she had the chance. Know hes going out with her and she wont let the boy and the girl have any contact together. He seems ok and happy but the girl? She cant even count how many times shes attempted suicide and how many slits she has on her wrist. and why? Because her hesitence got a hold of her and now hes happy with another so it show he doesnt need her in his life. Like she didnt exist and their strangers. She wonders what itd be like if they were still talking and she wouldve asked by now. But no. Because shes stupid and she blames herself every moment she gets the chance of thinking of him which is every second of her life. Its like her heart disintigrated and shes fallin into a black hole of complete depression and grief. Her hate is bottled up and she brings it out by cutting and crying. Not knowing what to do next with herself.

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