Fruits Basket Fanfiction: No No Square!

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Hey my... 1... 2... 3 fans! And anyone else who might read this. Haha.

This is my first Fruits Basket fanfiction.

It's a really cute anime, you should watch it... But Bleach remains my favorite. :)

Anywayssss: This is a humor fanfic. I just got this idea... and HAD to write it. Haha.

So... without further... Ado?...

Here is: "No No Square!"


Tohru's POV:

I was rushing around in the kitchen of the Sohma boy's house, one quiet afternoon.

I was thinking about how kind all three of the Sohma boys were for letting me stay here with them!

I thought of Yuki... Or as the girls at school call him: "Prince Yuki"... He is so sweet! So gentle! He's the kind of boy you just want to hug a squeeze!

Oh wait... Silly Tohru! I can't do that!

You see, the Sohma boys are cursed.

Oh yes! Isn't that awful?

But I don't think it's so bad. I think it's cute.

The Sohma family harbors and strange secret... Whenever they are hugged by a membe rof the opposite sex... They transform into a member of the Chinese Zodiac!

Yuki is the Rat.

And then there's Kyo (Kee-Oh).

Yuki and Kyo do not get along very well... But I love Kyo.

He may be a bit harsh sometimes, but he's really nice once you get to know him.

I always thought... That maybe... I felt something more than just friendship for Kyo... But that's just silly! I'm just plain ol' Tohru... And Kyo... He's... Kyo! The cat of the Zodiac. The cat was always my favorite.

Then I think about Shigure...

The Dog.

The eldest of the Sohma boys, whom I live with.

Shigure is about 25-years-old. He's a writer. He writes romance novels! Isn't that interesting? However, for some reason, Kyo and Yuki never allow me to read his Novels... Although Shigure says he would love for me to!

Shigure is the dog of the Zodiac... I think his Zodiac form is very nice!

The reason is was so quiet today, was because Yuki had a Student Councel meeting at our Highschool, and Kyo was at the Dojo training with his Shishou.

So that just left me and Shigure here at the house.

Shigure was away in his study, writing. And I was in the kitchen, preparing lunch for just the two of us.

Rice balls, Egg rolls, and my favorite (But Kyo's least) Leek Soup!

"Shigure!" I called into the house.

"Yes, my little housewife?" Shigure called back from behind his closed door.

I blushed at how Shigure always called me "His Little Housewife".

It must be because I do all of the cooking and cleaning in exchange for living here, but it was still a bit odd.

"Your lunch is ready, if that's not too much of a bother!" I called out, bashfully.

"Mm... Alright! Be there in a minute!" Came Shigure's muffled voice once more.