Love Cycle

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               “Love is a collection of hearts, ready to give, share and understand. It never fades and never ends. It only reminds us that life is not perfect without love.” This quotation tells us that since birth love is inside us and it keeps on growing as we became older. If there is life cycle, there is also a love cycle. And this cycle starts with our parents love towards one another, followed by the attention and love given by our relatives when we were born. Then , as we grow older, especially when we step inside a school we learn how to socialize and be friends with other people that eventually developed into a strong bond. Next, we need to love ourselves first before loving someone special wholeheartedly. After that, when we get married and have our own offspring, we will focus our attention on them and for their future just like how our parents do. And then, the cycle continues.

               First, parents love towards one another. We all know that without our parents we will not be standing here in this world of twist and turns. We are born out of our parents blazing love and we continue living until now because of love. Mothers take care of their babies inside her womb for nine months, while the father takes care of her. After nine months , the baby was born and raised by his parents with love. They are ready to give all of our needs, they share their stories for us to have a reference if ever we encounter the same situation and even though we had our shares of mistakes they understands us and always accepts us at the end of the day. Their love for us has no boundaries and it is unconditional. The second one is the attention and love that we receive from our relatives and close family friends. They are the one, together with our parents, to witness our growth. They are with us when we were introduce to God, they are with us to guide us and help us in socializing to other persons. There are times that our parents became very protective to us and in that particular time our relatives will be the one to tell them to loosen up a bit. If we fall , if we gain scatches or wounds they will say that it is part of growing up.

               Next is friends. There is a saying that “No man is an island.” In order to survive we must socialize to other persons. And socialization in school is best when you were with friends. Friendship is a special gift, generously given, happily accepted and deeply appreciated. Having a strong bond with friends is a form of love. Just like what is stated above, “Love is a collection of hearts...” and this hearts doesn’t necessarily mean that it is from a special someone. Sometimes , at a young age , we are already happy with the presence of our friends. With our friends, we give and share our time and effort. We understands and accepts the flaws, insecurities, weaknesses of one another and make fun of it in a positive way. In times on need, we help each other because we love one another and we care about each other. Even though , we already have different lives the friendship that we have never fades and never ends.

                Next in the cycle is loving yourself first before loving someone special. It is not healthy to love someone more than anything else, you must learn to love yourself first. Especially when you were already married and have a child. You must think of the consequences and the possible outcomes of what you are doing because the child will be the one to suffer if you don’t know how to properly handle your relationship because you only think of your partners side. If you were still boyfriend/girlfriend, you don’t have to give all your love to your partner, you must have love for yourself. Because just like what the song said, “too much love will kill you.” Loving yourself first, doesn’t mean that you will be selfish. Loving yourself means that you know when to fight and when to give up. Martyrdome , nowadays is not a trend. We should know our limitations and the limitations of our partner. If one of you come overboard, Talk first. Talking won’t harm you. If it doens’t work then sort things out then decide whether to continue or not. If your relationship go smoothly then you decided to be married and have a family. Then , that is when the cycle turn upside down. Because now, you will be the parents , and you need to show your children the love that you felt when you were younger. You will be the one to guide them and you will be the one to show them that love is unconditional. That love never fades and never ends.

               To sum it up, here is a quote that will tell that love is truly a cycle. “To love without reflecting is like eating without digesting. Love is not always about the action. Love after all is a thoughtful process.” The love cycle that was mention above must all be met in order to know that we already have our happy ever after. Even though the saying, “There is no forever.” is trending. I must say that there is a love that last forever because we have God above us, that is always watching and guiding us. Then , there is our parents, they will never leave us no matter what happened. and then you, yourself, can love yourself forever. That is why I believe that there is love that last forever.

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