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One-shot #1: The Rain: Mari and L

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This is the first one-shot! Mari and L take the first spot! You shall find out the next ones later on!


This takes place in Episode 25, "Silence"

During the Kira case....

From Mari's PoV...

I had been working for hours on the Kira Case along with L and Light. I understood why L was there, but why Light? This only made me more suspicious of him. As for as I know, Kira hasn't done any harm to him personally. Maybe he has some sort of relationship with Kira, or back to L's original suspicion, he is Kira. I started looking through a file as I propped my legs up on the work table and leaned back in my rolling chair.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see them both looking at me. I leaned back in my chair farther as a sign that I knew they were looking at me. I rolled my eyes and went back to reading the file just as Watari walked in with a tray full of delicious looking pastries and a cup filled with coffee on the side. He came to me first and I gladly grabbed the cup of coffee and gave him a quick smile and returned back to my reading. He then walked over to L. L first grabbed the cake and then reached for the fruit when Watari smacked his hand.

"One item each." he said as he made his way to Light, but Light didn't take anything. I could here L grumbling, "One item each..." he said as he opened his mouth wide, attempting to shove the entire piece of cake into his mouth. After a while I had finished my file and got another when L left the room. So it was just Light and I... alone. Things got a little awkward after a while until he finally spoke. "Hey, where's Ryuuzaki?"  he asked as I looked up from paper at him. "I don't know, I'll go find him." I rose from my seat and walked out the door.

As I walked through the hallway I stopped and entered the surveillance room and turned on the computer room's cameras. I walked throughout the large building and made my way up the stairs towards my bedroom. I walked down the hall and pulled my room keys from my pocket. I pushed the door open quietly. I entered my bedroom to the sound of snoring coming from the bed opposite of mine. My roommate, Misa, was snoring her brains out. L told me that he wanted us to live together for surveillance purposes, but both Misa and I know, that every guy is just waiting for us to have a pillow fight.

I walked over to my bed and grabbed the blanket Watari had knitted for me when I was younger. It was so soft. I headed out my apartment up to the highest level of the building, the kitchen. On my way in, I saw Watari packing uneaten sweets into the fridge along with coffee I had never gotten to. When he had his back turned, I swiftly grabbed a cupcake of the counter and slipped into the hallway once again.

I made my way up the stairs onto the roof and saw L crouching near the edge. It was freezing out there tonight and L looked paler than usual. I walked up behind L and set the cupcake next to him. A smile lit up his face as he reached for the cupcake and began removing the wrapper. I wrapped the blanket around his shoulders and took a spot next to him.

He looked at me and smiled. "Thanks," he said. I looked to him, "No problem." I said with a smile. We sat there in a comfortable silence when he asked, "Do you think we'll solve the Kira Case?" I looked at him shocked. "Why are you doubting yourself? I mean, you've never been wrong before." I said looking at him. He shrugged. "This time I was wrong, Light's not Kira." I narrowed my eyes and looked out over Japan. I admired it's beauty. At nighttime, while working on a case in Russia, all I saw was snow everywhere. Never lights and greenery.

It was ironic because of how warm Russia was and how freezing it is here. I felt myself shudder at a gust of wind that blew directly in my face. L wrapped the blanket around my shoulders and I blushed. (A/N: BLUSHIES!) I tightened the blanket around my neck and snuggled up next to L, causing him to blush. (A/N: DOUBLE BLUSHIES!) I leaned my head on his shoulder as I looked up at the stars. What beautiful stars through such an awful time.

It felt normal for me for some reason. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. His eyes were even more beautiful than I remembered. He leaned his face towards mine and I tilted my head up. I then felt rain fall on my hand. We both looked up at the sky when rain started pouring down on us. I stood up and headed back inside when I felt his hand grab my wrist. He pulled me into his chest and my eyes widened. I looked up at him when I felt his lips collide with mine.

I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck just as my beeper went off. He pulled away and looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back at him and hugged him. I pulled away and headed back inside when I looked over my shoulder, back at him. He was looking up at the sky, completly ignoring the rain. I began walking down the hallway with a smile on my face that was quickly wiped away when I saw Light. He was heading towards the roof and I suddenly got a bad feeling.

I suspected him of being Kira more than anything. I knew I could just use the information we got from the Shinigami to pin-point a suspect. But I already had one in mind. Light Yagami. I would do anything to prove he's Kira. L and I could solve any case. Neither of us would fall victim to Kira's reign of terror... right? Those bad thoughts took over me as I entered the main room.

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