The Crimson Cloaks ( Red Riding Hood Fan Fic) ON HOLD

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Sixteen years ago............

It was pitch black and I was running as fast as I could. The trees gave off an eerie effect and they gave off a image of a dark shadow. I heard growling coming from behind me and branches snapping. They were getting closer but i couldn't run any faster; I was really exhausted and hungry. I tried to push myself harder. I thought of my baby girl at home that would starve if i didn't make it.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I clutched the worn out basket full of food close to my chest. I picked up speed a little more but it wasn't enough. I heard them get closer and closer. Then claws went in my back and before i hit the ground i threw the basket into the forest; I hit the dirt hard and the wolfs surrounded me. Before I knew it they attacked...

Present day......

"Maisie! Get up now!" my grandmother yelled.

I groaned and stretched my arms over my head; I wonder how she could yell so loud when she was so old. I got up slowly. I looked around my room, it was gray and had no windows. There was only one lamp and had a black shade over, it so it didn't give off that much light. I sighed heavily; we were why taking so many precautions because of the wolves. I shuddered at the thought of them. They killed my mother and many others.

I sat down on the floor and went on my stomach. I looked under my bed and found my mom's worn basket. It was white and there was a red rose stuck thorough the basket.

Inside the basket was a picture of my Mom and a little bit of dirt. The dirt was from the place my Mom died. Her auburn hair tumbled down her neck and she was holding me in her arms. She had a lovely expression on her face; she also had freckles. A lone tear fell onto the picture. I frantically wiped it away. I put it back in the basket then put the basket back under my bed. I stood up and walked out my room into the hall. I tried to open the bathroom door but it was locked. Oh just great, this was exactly what I needed! I banged on the door.

"Karrin get out now!" I yelled.

Karrin was my ‘brother‘, he was my mom’s sister’s son; but in this house we're brother and sister. It was just the three of us in this house. My mom, grandpa, and aunt were dead. Then the door opened and there stood Karrin. His long black hair, thick eyebrows and eye lashes, full rose lips, and hazel eyes. He was wearing a black button up shirt and black jeans but they were faded cause they were old. He gestured around the bathroom.

"It's all yours Maisie!" he said. I patted his shoulder as i walked into the bathroom. Then I realized I forgotten my own towel and clothes. I ran back out and went into my room. I opened my closet and pulled out a black low cut shirt and a plaid skirt that Grandma made me. I reached up and grabbed a towel. It was very rough and brown. I sniffed it. It smelled fine. I put them in a pile and went back in the bathroom. I shut it and locked it.

I turned on the shower and took my clothes off. I stepped in the shower. It was warm even though I put it on hot. I sighed and picked up the red bar of soap that was stuck to the side of the tub. I rubbed the soap all over, trying hard not to think how old this soap actually was, and how old everything else too. Well I guess we're lucky we even survived the wolves take over. Actually I should say, werewolf, who had taken over but from what we knew they couldn't change back.

I wonder what actually happen when they took over... I knew my grandma was alive when it happen and my mom; but what exactly happen? Did they tear out the forest and attack the whole world at the same time or did they go after people one by one? I shuddered at the terrorizing thought. The wolves made life a living hell, they attacked anyone that was out during the night, and sometimes, during the day. Every once and a while they came into peoples homes. We couldn't find food because either the wolves had taken most of it or we couldn't find food in abandoned houses. Which is why we send out more hunting crews now.

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