Chapter 5: Under Attack

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Your P.O.V:
He was your first and only friend. You felt that you could trust him, and that he trusted you.
But there he lay, soaking in his own blood, lifeless.
You screamed out in horror, backing up into Yukine as you both looked at Medusa with fear clouding your vision.
"I should just kill the two of you right here," She snickered, licking the barrel of the gun she still held, much to your disgust.
Your breathing rate quickened, as you felt the need to get as far away from Medusa as you could, before you ended up just like Suzuha.
"But if I did that, it'd make things to easy. I want you to suffer. Just as I did .." She hissed with a sickly shark-toothed grin.
Her finger pulled back on the trigger once again as your braced for impact, your eyes snapping closed.
But the impact never came.
You hesitantly opened you eyes to see Yukine in his weapon form, his blades crossed right before you.
They seemed to be strong enough to shatter the bullet into pieces, much to your surprise.
You had an idea of Yukine's capabilities as he was a blessed shinki, but you had no idea that he was this strong.
Your eyes widened in shock as you realized what had just taken place.
Meduse too was in shock, fiddling around with her own shinki as if something was wrong with it.
"What the hell, Sohe?! I wanted you to exterminate that little brat!" She scolded her lead shinki.
"Y-yukine?! How did you do that without Yato calling your name?" You whisper-shouted at him, as you gripped the handles of his twin katanas.
"I-I don't know! I just wanted to protect you, and-" Yukine was cut off by Medusa firing another bullet that just barely grazed your ear.
You screeched again, stumbling to your feet as you got up and began running.
She took off right after you, following you out of the park.
"How do we get away from her?! She knows our every move!" You breathed heavily, as you sprinted away from your attacker.
She fired mutiple rounds of bullets at you, each coming at least an inch away from you.
You had to find somewhere to hide before Medusa managed to get her aim on target.
By now Medusa probably already knew that you were hiding out at Kofuku's, and Hiyori's place probably wasn't an option either.
Then you had a thought. There was one place you could go, one place Medusa probably wouldn't know about.
Though, ever since you found out the truth about the place, you never imagined you ever go back there. Not for any reason.
But you had no choice, if you didn't find somewhere to hide, Medusa was bound to kill you.
You looked over your shoulder, seeing Medusa still clear on your trail, her cold violet eyes not daring to ever blink.
You finally came upon the path, making a sharp turn down into the furrowed woods beside you.
Medusa growled, as she followed.
"You won't get away from me that eas-" She was cut off by a mass of shrubbery and trees that cut off her vision in every direction.
What Medusa didn't know was the direct path to the place you were going, and it was very difficult to figure out if you didn't know where you were going.
"What the-?! I just saw that little brat! Where the hell did she go?!" Medusa screamed in frustration, as she failed to identify the path you went on.a
You skidded to a stop, dropping Yukine's katanas on the ground and breathing heavily as you collapsed.
Yukine transformed back into his human form, landing with a light 'thud' beside you.
"W-why did you choose to hide out here?" Yukine whispered, his eyes widened as he watched the slowly flowing river in front of him.
"It's the only place Medusa doesn't know about.. its only a matter of time before she does, though." You said inbetween breaths, as you hung your head.
The fall breeze started to come in, as you shivered, covering your arms.
"Here," Yukine said, as he took off his trademark green coat in one swift motion, handing it to you.
You shook your head, rejecting it.
"Its fine, you need it more than I do." You said, digging your head further into the warmth of the little ball your body made.
Yukine frowned, as he pulled your arms up high over your head against your will.
"H-hey! I told you I don't need it!" You said with a slight blush, as he continued to put the jacket on you as if you were a child.
"You're gonna get sick if you don't wear it," Yukine said blandly sitting beside you, the only thing now shielding him from the cold was a plain white t-shirt.
You became silent, as you looked off into the fall-toned sunset.
You heard Yukine sniffle beside you, as he was beginning to shiver.
"See? You're always the chilly one. Take your jacket back. I'll be fine." You said as you began to slip the garment off, but he gripped your wrist, stopping you from doing so.
"If you wear it, you'll be okay. Thats all I want, for you to be okay... So please.. just wear it." Yukine said seriously, his auburn orbs falling into sync with yours.
You breathed sharply, as his fingers began interlocking with yours.
"..Yukine.." You whispered his name, as you couldn't stop staring at him.
"I almost saw you die, (Y/n)..and I can't help but think, what if I can't protect you?"
You felt it, that tense space between the two of you, the air becoming stiff and your surrondings becoming still.
It was just the two of you, sitting there, worrying about if this was the last time you'd see each other.
You wiped a tear from your eye that threatened to fall, as you leaned against Yukine's shoulder.
"I can't promise that I won't die, Yukine.. but I can promise that I'll try my best to stay here with you, for as long as I can."
You whispered, your hand squeezing yours as a soreness enveloped your chest.
You hated to promise something like that. It sounded like defeat, like you'd given into Medusa.
You wouldn't have to die if people like her weren't after you.
After all, you were technically already dead. But if she wasn't there, hunting you down, Yukine wouldn't have almost died and Suzuha wouldn't be dead.
She was the only thing stopping you from being happy, from living out the life you'd come to love.
You gritted your teeth.
You weren't going to let her win. Not without fighting back at least.
"I take back my promise," You said, breaking the silence, and potentially lifting Yukine's sprits.
"I'm not gonna let Medusa tear our lives apart. I'm not going to die, and neither are you." You said as your head rose from his shoulder.
He looked at you hesitantly, his blonde locks swaying in the rhythm of the wind.
"We'll defeat her. Whatever it takes." You growled, leaning away from Yukine's shoulder.
"And to do that, we need her weakness on our side." You explained, as he looked on at you in confusion.
"What exactly is her weakness?"
He asked, rising from the ground at the same time you did.
"Her precious sister...Were going after Bishamon."

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