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Walking through the eerie path of leaves that waltz in the chilling breeze. Along with my pure white short dress thats torn up my thigh to my waist. The moonlight shines through the bare naked trees. The sound of leaves crunching and twigs snap behind me. Looking back where there is nothing but fog that follows. Walking faster i hear more noises. Running through the woods now i take a quick look behind me where i find nothing. I look in front again and i bump into this tall dark figure. On my back, i reach out to grab something. In the blink of an eye, i am pushed against a tree by my wrists that are pulled together by one hand. My dark hair blows out of my tear filled eyes only to see a taller skinny man. Pitch black hair covers one eyes and stare at me with the other. The green eye seduces me to stare back and get lost in it. He smiles with white fangs that glisten in the moonlight. My eyes grow wider in astonishment. He creeps closer and i try to squirm out of his hand. He looks at me with such power and control. He puts his gentle hand on my waist and slides over my chest to my neck. He places his thumb on my cheek and the rest of his fingers rest behind my ear. Wiping my tears away, he glances at my lips that i lick. Our collide together playing with tounges. A passionate kiss of everlasting love. My eyes slowly close to feel his hand falling down my waist. He lets go of my wrists as he grasps me closer to him and the tree. I reach around his neck and my fingers play with his soft hair. Still colliding in a playful manor. Suddenly stoping as he licks my neck. I look at the moon that looks at me back and i pant softly as he shows his teeth and scrapes them slightly against my neck. I moan softly when he pushes them in and sucks the pure red blood that flows out from my beautiful flesh. I moan louder and i grab his neck tighter. Feeling the warm tingly sences that shiver up my body. He takes his timewith what he could get without harming me. So mysterious i wanted to know more of him. I needed to know more but the only thing i did know was that he was a vampire. I could tell ive seen him before somewhere but im not exactly where. Hes shown up in my dreams and i remember him protecting me from danger before. But.. if he was a vampire and the one who use to protect me was somewhat of a wolf.. then that makes him a werewolf too. He suddenly stops and stares at me for a while. Licking the left over blood that slips down to his chin. The way i feel, the way he looks at me, makes me want him. I asked who he was exactly and he leaned in and whispered in my ear. Whipser his name so delicatly in my ear i got goosebumps from the deep voice that was so overpowering. He leaned in closer for another kiss.

"Ive been waiting so long to do that. Ive been watching you carefully for a while. I finally understand how to make you move and what you like. What i want to give you is something you'll always remember.You willlearn what it is and who i am when we can truely be together.. forever."

I looked at him with such pleasure and confusion.

"Ive loved you ever since the first time i senced you near me. Its not just your beautiful self, its everything about you. Ive never felt this feeling of love. Never crossed my mind of a beating heart that burries beneath my chest. I guess that means that i carry yours with me."

I put my hand on his chest and kissed him. Holding his hand with my other. Twinding our fingers together i started to feel what he felt. My heart was starting to beat faster when i thought of and "us". I looked at him and i wore a smile. He looked at my smile and then in my eyes to smile back. I'll never regret the day of meeting my werepire.


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