55. Gym

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55. Gym

Harry POV

Damon and I were on the mats having a push up competition. At the moment I was winning.

"51." I said in a struggled attempt to get him to quit.

"52." He echoed.

"53." I pushed upwards feeling my muscles burn.






"59." I uttered as I heard a thud and Damon was down for the count. I hopped to my knees and cupped around my mouth shouting. "I am the winner!"

"Oh shut up." He rolled his eyes as we sat back taking a break. We heard someone clear their throat as they entered and we both stared at him before realising it was Niall. The Irish kid.

"That girl Rose you always talk about.." He started standing above us. I nodded wanting him to continue. "Does she work at the book store?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?" I asked curiously scrunching my eyebrows.

"I just ran into her." He smiled looking accomplished.

"What about it?"

"Nothing I suppose, just saying." He shrugged.

"Do you fancy her?" I asked defensively.

"Nah, I don't really know her. She's pretty though." He said nonchalantly. I grunted walking over to him closing in the distance between us.

"You think?" My voice hinting annoyance.

"Yeah I guess." He agreed. My fists clenched at my sides as I took one last step closer. His eyes scanned me questioning my sudden urgency. He pushed me away enticing me further and I sprung back my fist hitting him square in the jaw.

His reflexes came in and he came over to me and started punching me continuously in the gut. I swiftly moved my foot under him and he fell back onto the mat and I kneeled over him.

"Don't you ever think about talking to her again!"

"What?" He asked confused.

"She's mine."

"I wasn't doing anything!"

"And you never will! Don't talk to her, look at her, or think about her!" I slapped his face hard and grabbed his chin in my hands. "You're thinking about her." I grumbled pushing his head harshly into the mat and standing up. He jumped to his feet, as I spun around and walked downstairs out the building.

As I opened the door I kicked my tire with my foot. hard. I looked at the windshields and saw a note in my wipers. I pulled out the folded paper and opened it reading the words in my head.


I'm walking home instead. Enjoy your day though! No need to rush home either just got a new book so I'm rather content!

Love you!

Rose xx

I smiled shoving it in my pocket and going back inside.

"I'm heading out early." I grabbed my gym bag walking out as quickly as I walked in.

"Wait-" Damon called after me. I turned around waiting for him to catch up. "Harry you can't go around doing that!" He said heavily.

"Stay out if it." I demanded.

"No, you can't do that else they won't let you train here anymore."

"Shut up Damon." I laughed listening to him speak worriedly.

"I'm not kidding!" Damon shoved my shoulder snapping me from my playful attitude. He was serious. "I understand you love Rose, I get that! But you can't beat up everyone in her path!" He demanded.

"I'll work myself out thanks." I pushed past him walking out.

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