Sights and Music (Jack X Reader)

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Writing a story with this asshole's humor is gonna be hard. . . I tried to make this one sound a little romantic, although I'm not sure if Jack does 'romantic' at any time.  Here goes. . .


Your head continued to droop, and your eyes were trying their damned best to stay open but it just wasn't going to happen.  It was nearly midnight and you were still sitting in your chair, behind your desk and in front of your computer finishing up your work.  You were determined to finish this document and have it ready in the morning for shipping out to one of Hyperion's best companies.  Your fingers tapped away at the keyboard, and occasionally your hand would come up and rub your face, trying your damned best to stay awake.

"Fuuuck. . ."  You moaned, an exhausted sighed escaped your lips as your rubbed your tired, (e/c) eyes.

Everyone at Hyperion had left for home that night except you, you were the overachiever out of the entire place, even your boss had high respect for you dedication.  

Speaking of boss, Jack, or as he prefers 'Handsome Jack' depended on your skills and intense work to keep up with the business's supplies and income.  Sure he was rich and had the entire galaxy in his hands but everyone has their limits.  With him ruling Hyperion he barely had time to even start on what you were doing, so he was counting on you to get everything designated for you done, and you weren't about to let Jack down.

You slumped in your leather chair and rubbed your eyes again, the lights were dim so it didn't help your drowsiness.  The blue screen of your computer was the only light there in that gigantic room you were in.  You were just about to doze off until the big sliding door at the entrance of the room opened.  You sat up instantly to see that your boss had walked in.  Apparently you weren't the only one who had left yet either.

Jack's hand rubbed the back of his neck, it was obvious he was tired too.  When the door closed beside him, he looked up to see your lit up features and (e/c) eyes staring into your screen.

"Of course you'd still be here."  He commented as he casually walked over towards your desk.  You snickered.

"You know me sir," you began, "the overachiever."  You tapped away at your keyboard once more until you heard Jack slide behind your desk.  His form hovered over you to look at your computer screen.  He had never gotten this close to you before, that is if he was about to kill you, but you kept your mind off that.

"I don't see how you could stare at this damned thing all day.  You're eyes must be fried to a crisp by now."

You nodded.  "Oh believe me, they are.  But I can make it, I'm almost done anyways."

Jack looked down at you.  "You sure about that?  I mean you have bags under your eyes. . . even your bags have bags."

Giving him a small chuckle, you proceeded to finish up the last of your work, and to your surprise Jack never left to leave you alone.  It didn't bother you when he pulled up a nearby chair and sat right next to you, he was rather interested in what your were doing.  But you weren't expecting him to flip his chair the other direction to rest his arms on the back, you never saw him do something like that before.  You finished up the document you were working on and smiled to yourself afterwards.  Hopefully now you can go home, you needed some desperate sleep. 

Jack never said a peep to you as you progressed, and he somehow managed to stay awake.

"Finished."  You say as you let out a relieved sigh.  Jack sat up and watched you as you stretched, after you slumped in your chair and looked over at him.

"Would you like to send it off to the company?"  You asked him.  He looked at you funny and it made you chuckle.

You sat up straight and typed on your keyboard once again, going through menu after menu.  

"Just press this button and the shipment is good to go."  You say as you pointed to a key on your board.

He reached over and hovered his hand over it.  "This one?"


Jack used his index finger to press the key, and when he did a strange noise came from your computer and a message popped up.

Your shipment has been sent. . .

"Yay!  You purchased. . . stuff.  I can't really remember what it was but. . ."

Jack smiled and got up out of his seat.  Your eyes followed him as he walked to the other side of you, you weren't expecting him to extend out his hand for you to take.  Not knowing what he was doing, you took his hand, it was warm and inviting, you couldn't help but smile a bit from his tingling touch.

"I don't see how you could stand to sit there looking at that thing all day."  He said motioning his hand for you to follow him.  Jack led you to the nearby window that was complimented by a small balcony.  It had plants surrounding it and had a hand railing.  The view was incredible, you could see the planet down below you, it's bright colors filled your eyes, it was a change of view from what you were used to.

"I don't think I've ever taken a minute to appreciate the view we have from up here."  You say as you lean against the railing, your (e/c) eyes scanning the planet below you.  Jack watched you intently, a smile spreading even wider on your face as your eye met with his.  Light shades of blue illuminated off your face from the floor light, you didn't feel so tired anymore, you felt more peaceful.

Jack noticed how your features softened as you stared at the picturesque below the two of you, he couldn't help but smile at you.  A woman so beautiful and strong, hardworking and always accomplishes her goals everyday.  How do you do it, he wondered.  Even he gets tired of coming to Hyperion everyday, but you, you seem to love it here despite how tired you get.  He grew fond of you as the years went by, Jack treated you differently than he did his employees, he treated you with respect.  And at this moment, he was going to the next step.

You straightened out your back and stretched your limbs, letting out a stiff yawn.  Jack's eyes watched your every move.

"I think I'm gonna head home sir, need my sleep for tomorrow."

Jack raised his hand for you to stop where you were.  What was he doing?  You watched as he pulled out a small remote from his pocket, and when he pressed one of the buttons you heard a soft humming noise come from above you.  You looked up to see that the both of your were standing under a large speaker.  Melodic, slow music began to play, and your stomach instantly had butterflies.

"You said you never got a good view from here very often," Jack started as he grabbed your hand, "why not make it last a little bit longer, hmm?"

Rosy red your cheeks were, you couldn't help but smile as he grabbed your other hand as well and placed both of them onto his shoulders.  His hands laid gently onto your waist, then the both of you began to dance.

"I guess you're right."


Was that too sappy?  Did it sound like a romantic Jack? No? Well shit. . . 

Hope you guys enjoyed :)


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