Forever alone?

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Cheated and lied to was so much worse when karma gets you back.

Ever since then, the life of a beautiful girl was drenched in deep depression and sorrow.

Laughter and smiles fade to crying and frowns.

The tears fill her eyes that use to sparkle and tremble down her cheeks to flood the world.

She searches for more happiness but it never comes.

She never listened to the ones who wanted to help.

The knife she grasps overwhelms her and flows on her wrist that makes thin lines of blood behind.

She crys so silently for no one to here her grief.

Her tears fall on the blood and forms a mixture as she keeps crying more and more.

She collapses like her heart did and falls on her back to let it ease out till shes ready to make it stop.

Shes losing all the people she ever loved as shes forever alone.

Or so she thinks for now..

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