Chapter 7

                Amy sat down on the cool waxed floor of the hallway, shifting herself so that she was in the most comfortable position that she could be on such a dense and rigid ground. Despite everything that she’d been thinking about the last few days, losing her friend while gaining a new one – well, at least she thought of Chris as a friend – it seemed like she hadn’t actually talked with anyone at all and she was just plain lonely.

                She took out her brown paper bagged lunch, listening to the crinkle of the paper uncertainly. Maybe she should go sit with Chris – just for once. After all, he’d offered and she didn’t think that he would single her out for any reason other than to be as smug and cocky as possible.

                Plus, she thought carefully although still getting too far ahead of herself, Julie seemed like she would be nice. She’d somewhat stuck up for her when they’d come to get Chris’s bet over with when she’d been at work. It wouldn’t be so bad, she concluded, wrapping her lunch back up in the plastic wrap and standing up with an agitated sigh.

                Amy made her way over to the cafeteria, still unsure if this was her last resort to having any friends or anyone to talk to. She sure hoped not but it didn’t make her feel any more confident about going to sit down at the “popular table”. Amy just desired a decent conversation with one person today instead of looking like a loner and not having any friends at all.

                As she entered the cafeteria slowly, she felt all of her poise blew away from her as if it were nothing but a light plastic bag that floated through the wind. His table was packed; each and every spot was taken and even then some peoples’ legs hung over the side.

                Maybe she shouldn’t try to sit with them, she reflected, retreating as slowly as she could without making a noise. Not that she’d drawn so much attention to her before, but Amy didn’t want to bug anyone.

                Before she could make her soundless escape though, Chris looked up and she herself move a little bit faster to the outskirts of the cafeteria. Maybe she could still flee... but when Chris stood up from his chair and made his way over to her, she knew that that was impossible.

                “Hi,” she said, feeling embarrassed all of a sudden.

                Chris looked her up and down, “Come to give me that kiss that you know you want to give me?” he asked smartly, staring right at her with a smile that reached up to his eyes and a laugh that had accumulated inside himself before he’d come to talk to her.

                Amy giggled too, although not at his joke. More at her slight nervousness, “No – um – I was just leaving,” she said with one foot out the door.

                “Do you want to come sit with us?” he asked in a rush, hoping that she didn’t leave him standing there.

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