Chapter 2 - Feigning Sleep and Forcing Calm

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Chapter 2

Amy turned over restlessly for the seventh time that night. She tried to feign sleep as she rolled around in her bed in an attempt to find the perfect position for falling into a deep state of unconsciousness. For some reason, she hadn’t really been able to get to it though. Thoughts of what had happened at her job today were overwhelming her mind but what really consumed her existence was the knowledge that Liv couldn’t care less about Chris’s bet.


                Right after her shift had ended, Amy had called her best friend to say that she was coming over with important news. Of course she’d had left a message because Liv was always with Charlie, her current boyfriend. They always spent their time together. Amy had guessed though that that was Liv’s decision, and not so much Charlie’s. In everything she did, Liv had to be in control.

                Amy pushed on the door, being accustomed to walking straight in. Both she and Liv’s parents worked together so she knew their schedule. Plus it seemed like they were always gone. When she was home alone, the house was perfectly full while when the rest of her family came, it was too crowded to even bare.

                “Liv?” she called, rubbing her shoes on the carpet and hanging her coat in the closet.

                When no one answered, Amy called again. Who knew? Maybe she would be walking in on Liv and Charlie again. She rolled her eyes at the thought. Now that had not gone down well.

Luckily, unlike last time, she had a good reason for being here that could soothe Liv over if she interrupted.

                Amy still didn’t hear anyone call out, which Liv would have done already, even if it had been just to tell her to leave. She headed up the stairs quietly, speaking to her friend when she said, “Just tell me that you are here already! I don’t need to interrupt you guys!” although no sounds came so Amy rolled her eyes and spoke up again, “I have gossip!”

                When still nothing came, she turned back to the door and confirmed that they weren’t here. Amy started to slip on her shoes and decided that she would try again later because she needed someone to tell. Liv would want to hear it anyways.

                Just as she did up the laces on her first converse shoe, the door opened and Charlie pushed his way in to the house with a loud grunt. Liv was hanging onto his hand tightly and she laughed until her eyes shot open at her.

                “Amy!” she screamed, throwing down her boyfriends hand to cross her arms over her chest and scream, “What the fug are you doing in my house?” she demanded, her cheeks becoming a deep shade of red to match her hair.

“I...” Amy stuttered, caught completely off guard. Normally it was fine to visit Liv like this, walking into her house. She’d even called before but now Silvia was furious with her arrival, “I had something to tell you...”

Liv shook her head quickly and angrily, letting Charlie slip into the kitchen unnoticed. Amy wished to be him at the moment, able to just walk away from this. Unfortunately, when Liv sent daggers at someone, she made sure that they were receiving them like a dart board, “You are such a fugging stalker! You can’t just walk into peoples’ homes when they aren’t fugging home!” she yelled.

Amy was speechless. Never had Liv ever yelled at her like this. Of course, like all friends, they’d had their fair share of fights but never had she become so angry. Amy knew that she had better leave.

Amy left the second laces undone as she shrunk into the background and managed to summon a dismissal with forced calmness even though she was on the verge of tears. “I was just leaving,” she said, disappearing for her friend’s house without another word.

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