Chapter 3: Wedding Day

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Astrid's POV

I was woke up really early by Stormfly. So, I got up, ate breakfast, and then fed her. I went back to my room to get ready for the day when I suddenly realized today was my wedding day! Today, I woke up as a Hofferson and I'll go to sleep as a Haddock.

"Well I guess I better get started packing, huh girl." I told Stormfly as I patted her nose. She just made one of her dragon noises, that I obviously didn't understand, and nudged me forward.

I finished packing my things so we could take them to Hiccup's sometime after the wedding. It was now later in the morning and the rest of the village would be up and about soon.

I was about to walk outside when Ruffnut and Valka barged in like they own the place.

"You could have knocked, you know !?" I half yelled.

"Come on Astrid! We have to get you ready for the wedding!" Ruff exclaimed.

"Okay, okay!" I said waving my hands in surrender as I walked over to my kitchen table and sat down on a chair. "Do whatever you have to do." I said.

Ruffnut started working on my hair, deciding if she wanted to put it in a bun, let it hang lose, or braid it. She finally picked bun. She finished and made me stand up and turned me around to face her.

"There. You look beautiful Astrid." She said, examining her work. Valka had left to go to her house. She said she had to get something and that she'd be right back. As promised she showed up a few minutes later, carrying a medium sized box.

"This..." She said, placing the box on the table. "was my wedding dress." She pulled out a beautiful white dress. It was a strapless dress that stopped just above the knees and had a light blue ribbon that wrapped around the waist.

"It's beautiful!" Me and Ruff both said, while gawking at the dress.

"Thats what I thought too... Astrid, I figured, since you don't have a dress I would let you have mine. I mean you are my daughter-in-law now... Well you will be." She laughed a bit and handed me the dress.

"I-I don't know what to say. Thank you, Valka."

"Ah, it's no big deal." She waved me off dismissively. "I never had a daughter to pass it down to and its not like I'm going to wear it again." We all laughed.

I went to my room to try it on and it fit. I turned around to look at myself in the mirror. It was just a simple dress, but it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Valka knocked on the door before coming in with Ruffnut.

"You look amazing!" Ruff said, hugging me.

"Your mother would be very proud of you, Astrid." Valka said, when Ruff let go. I looked at Valka and tear rolled down my cheek.

"Y-You knew my mother?" I asked. She pulled me into a hug.

"Yes, I did. We grew up together, we were the best of friends. The day you were born was the day Cloudjumper took me from the village. You were born early in the morning. It was a difficult birth and I was with her through it all. That night, the dragons raided us and I was taken away." As she said that the hug got tighter and more tears ran down my face.

"Okay, promise me, sometime after the wedding, you will tell me all about my mom."

"I promise. Now come on, we have a wedding to attend!" Valka grabbed my hand and pulled me outside.

We were at the cove, where the wedding was to be held. We heard the music start and down the aisle thingy I went. Valka walked me down since I didn't have any of my own family left. I looked at Hiccup standing at the alter thing. Snotlout, Tuffnut, Fishlegs, and Gobber were standing behind him, they were the groomsman. Ruffnut was the only one standing on my side, but I knew Valka would be joining her.

We finally reached the alter and Hiccup took my hands in his. He smiled wide and mouthed the words 'You are so beautiful.' 'Thanks.' I mouthed back.

"We are gathered here today to whiteness the lovely wedding of Astrid Hofferson and Hiccup Haddock." The priest guy greeted.

(Insert boring wedding stuff that I'm skipping.)

"Do you, Astrid Hofferson, take, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, to be your husband?"

"I do."

"And do you, Hiccup Haddock, take, Astrid Hofferson, to be your wife?"

"I do."

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife! May Frigga, the Goddess of marriage and motherhood, bless you!" He leaned over to Hiccup and said. "You still need to fill out the marriage agreement before its official." Everyone laughed and headed towards the Great Hall for the party, cheering and laughing all the way.

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