Sarah Jane - Part 2

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Sarah Jane                         

by sloanranger

Part 2


Some of the older boys with no upbringing called him 'handover Hanover.' The story was, that he had been robbed once and just handed over the money.

"What was he supposed to do," Mama had said when Sarah Jane had first asked her about it? "The thief stuck a gun in his face."

"Tom Hanover is a war hero and folks would know it if they'd ever seen his medals."

Mama got this bright red spot on her forehead when she was mad and she got mad whenever anyone said anything bad about Mr. Hanover. But that didn't stop Sarah Jane from thinking her Mama was the prettiest lady in Logan County. 

Mama's sister was pretty too, but Sarah Jane thought her mother was even prettier. She had the softest brown hair that she pulled back, turned under and pinned up. The most beautiful blue eyes, too. And when she put lipstick on - Sarah Jane thought she looked like a movie star.

Grownups sure talked a lot about the war. Sarah Jane was born right in the middle of it but she couldn't remember a speck.

Course, I was just a little baby then so it isn't my fault, she mentally forgave herself.  

But not any more, she thought. Today she was twelve years old and she was going to meet her Daddy.

(To be continued).

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